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And then on the battle between exit 19 route 50 Jon Hansen Highway and 4 50 Annapolis, Right. Single file left Get you by the work sound on the Bay Bridge. No work tonight, but they do have wind warnings up. But no vehicle restrictions at this time. Three legs westbound to for folks headed toward the shore, D. C's modernized Martin's a Cane Jr Memorial Library. Reopen September 24th with limited services. Find out more at DC library dot or grid 100 of you, TMP Traffic, which thank you to NBC for his duck camera. Now 24 tracking some really nice weather over the next couple of days. Definitely fall like you could feel the chill in the air. If you've got the windows down, maybe the room roof open temperature's dropping through the fifth. He's even into the upper forties and some of the coolest suburbs and the city will be in the mid fifties. Early on your Tuesday, but a very nice start. Plenty of sunshine, a high of 74 on Wednesday, mostly sunny, high temperature right around 77 degrees, but many areas cooler than that, once again, waking up to some real cool numbers in the morning. Then on Thursday, we'll see more cloud cover those clouds coming courtesy of Hurricane Sally to the south. But we will see clouds, not rain on Thursday with a high of 80 same view again on Friday, Friday, I'm going for a high temperature right around 75 degrees. I'm 17 4 Chief Meteorologist. Camera, Doug. Thank you getting cooler out there right now. 61 degrees outside our studios and friendship heights at 11 51 new information is emerging that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was indeed poisoned with a chemical weapon could be just like the one that was used on the former Russian spy Sergey Scree Paul and his daughter in the UK B T. O. P s national security correspondent J. J Green on that new evidence. So here's what we've learned. A German news outlet.

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