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Michael Myers, saying one million dollars. No, what's your shoot your eye out? Yes. Yes. And how many times did your mother say that don't run around the house with a pair of scissors? In your hand. You'll take your eyes out if all your friends jumped off the roof would you jump off the roof? How many more of those? Mommy 'isms, I'll give you something to cry about. That was my mom's. I'll wipe that smile on your face in any event th this couldn't happen anymore. These I mean that would be childhood by now, I was just thinking that as I. Heavens. So Robert Redford returns to the silver screen. He said this is going to be his last movie. No, he was I just read an interview with Vanity Fair who's hedging in that. I think he wants it to be. But I think he's leaving the door open. He says he wants to. He said that you don't want to overstay your time, and it kind of respect that. I think as an actor as as as a star, and he's been a star forever. I think you don't want to embarrass herself on the big screen or make movies that just aren't that good just to be on the screen begins. So this would be a great sendoff movie. It's kind of nostalgic. He plays forest Tucker, and it's a somewhat true life story, by the way, a gentleman Bank robber getting on in age Redford is what eighty years old now he he's got about their. I'll check his age. He's been a career Bank robber. It's not so much for the money. He loves the excitement of it. And he's been caught and put in jail countless times. And he's a fantastic escape artists as well this evolved during the during the the play out of the movie, he he goes up to a Bank teller, and he's kinda swab. He's got a mustache. Fidora, and then he starts to chat. And by the way, I'd like all of your money, and they kind of like him, and it's not their money. In any of any meets jewel. A widow along the way played by Sissy SpaceX. It's a kind of a a good sendoff movie. If he's not going to be doing in the future, and they develop a relationship. Casey Affleck is a a Texas detective who starts chasing forest. This is going to be his 'cause he's the inspector Javert. So it's that kind of a chase movie. The chase not not being cart chases, although there's some car driving in the movie, but it's it's the the hunt Casey Affleck going after Robert Redford. It's it's charming in spots. And it is kind of an image to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid in that one the the older more refined character Paul Newman played in Butch Cassidy and Robert Redford, the the young impulsive guy played the Sundance kid that movie came out in nineteen sixty nine by the way. In this. This new one the old man and the gun small row for Danny Glover and Tom waits. So he's good to see Danny Glover. Oh, yeah. Like in a movie, he's a confederate of Forrest Tucker. The rubber Bedford character. Wavering a bit I saw it attaches artiste one of the art houses landmark guard houses just a few people in the theater, you said it's not about four million dollars bucks. Four point eight million. That's not bad. It's got eight hundred screens at its widest. And you know, if you're Radford, you'll get some attention more than your usual. Indie film. And this is an indie film. It's smaller scale, not as much razzle dazzle. But it's it's drawing a bit of a crowd. And I think the fact that he said this could be my last movie appearance. I think that certainly helps you want to kind of catch them on the big screen. I suspect the four million dollars can be largely attributed to Robert Redford people if they've heard something about the movie and wanted to be reminded of the rogue Bank robbers you kinda like they'll they'll enjoy this movie. I also think a lot of films today are geared toward younger audiences, and this one has an older character. And I think there's because of the paucity in the in the marketplace, if you happen to be older, you might enjoy it when it can hear stories that maybe you can relate to so. Yeah. I doubt anybody under sixty is going to see. Check their ideas when they walk in the theater, but it's playing a theater near you. Yeah. And he's still going to produce directive, even if he doesn't act in movies, and he's look at that twinkles eighty two years old and his check that out more out of nostalgia than anything else. And I think Robert Redford, and I would not have the same voting heaven. Now, that's gave it three and a half of bags full of of money. Okay. About that. By the way, the Sundance music festival of Sundance institute. Right. I I did a little research on that that was created in nineteen seventy eight and it was originally called the Utah US film festival, and it was an effort to attract more filmmakers to Utah. They'd use that as a location for movies founded by sterling van wagon. He was then head of Wildwood, Robert Redford's company has movie production company, and it's still around, and it's still place that the people of flocked to but the name was changed in nineteen ninety one to the Sundance film festival. And of course, it was after Robert Redford's character the Sundance kid from the Butch Cassidy. Yeah. If all he did was create that festival and helped spark it that's quite a legacy because it's very it's a bit of a huge part of Hollywood. But of course, I think he's been made a couple of good films along the way as well. You and I were screening the other night screening of hunter killers about a very high tech United States navy submarine and an intricate plot involving the Russian federation and the capture of the Russian president by the defense minister who is leading a coup, I really enjoyed the movie kind of farfetched storylines. The navy seals are fantastic. But they're not god-like and yard able to to take on the entire Russian navy by themselves. But I love the technology of it. So it was fun to watch that part of it. It's a Tom Clancy kind of a movie, and if you like those kind of movies and books you'll like this one we'll talk about it in detail next week. What else we can talk about? Also mid-nineties new film from writer director Jonah hill..

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