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Oh man so you know prior to i was able to okay well so when she first came into to the jail to see me prevent prison that was the first time i've seen into why she was a baby when she was three and she ran up to me and i was shocked because i was see she was she just run up to me like that because we hadn't had a connection and it was just the pure grace agai that my best friend was able to get her for him while he was driving and she would keep pictures of my baby and say this is your mommy was her name is marissa this is mommy we're going to say a prayer for her at night we're going to pray for her in the morning so she recognized mommy with their pitcher so when she cmih that was horr action she said go get your mama and she ran up to me jumped up to me what was the feeling for you the best thing because i have pages and pages of journals of me oh my god what does the bond going to be like i don't know if she's gonna know me you're going to recognize me all of these things and then the look at her little person that i'm finally able to hold and that i prayed about for years was an indescribable feeling i really can't describe it keep coming back to how did you survive this nightmare and know you talk about faith but beyond that specific log helping you how did you survive what in you in your makeup and your character allowed you to survive this nightmare you know look he's being said over and over is some some resilience right given was not an option that was just giving up was not an option would i had to do to get through it you know it may be a tattoo here there whatever but giving not option why did god put you through this how'd you look back you know i believe there was purpose in this long before i was even here sitting here with you right so it's not like he's sitting billy oh shoot fire to gun i gotta figure out my next step for her life he already knows.

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