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Years ago as well where they lost their head coach tim floyd due to sanctions in every thing going on only louis pas rate there this is exactly the reason i got so much pushback from lsu fans on this who said they wanted to hire tim floyd before they hired will wade i said vis exact kind of stuff is what you don't wanted lsu right and that is what is followed tim floyd or on continuing the name tim floyd infuriated me again muse now where it again when i heard it because he would have been involved in this he was involved with this maybe not this exact thing right now they're not in dining him because he wasn't it and active head coach but this is the kind of stuff that he did continue seismic as much i mean it it it this is kind of you know patino his is always go going to claim ignorance and he's done this most recently with the hooker scandal going on those having sex with prostitutes in restaurants unlike how can we believe that he would be complicit in this like it's not possible is for him to partake in this like there's nothing about that that that shocks me when you have sex with prostitutes on a restaurant table after hours you're very capable of doing something like this come on it's very obvious and then the fact that he didn't lose his job then is perplexing to me a lot of ways no eyeball you know why you didn't lose his job because he's one of those legendary colds coaches you know if that was up three though if there was real wages use add example that was will weigh 210 that would wouldn't have a job in college basketball so it shows you what the nc aa in college universities are about if they have a coach that's gonna make them a lot.

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