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But I'm saying, but it was interesting because then everyone else sort of copied not the ball gag. But like everyone else went that direction. So we'll see if it was sorry. So everyone went that direction. And I think it was not the worst direction to go on for journalists. But I do think that now everybody's kind of like everyone suddenly is making. It's like making avocado toast, like everyone's making avocado toast and not everybody makes great avocado toast. I think it's hard honestly to make a bad avocado the genius about. But the one thing I do want sound I can tell that we're supposed to Toews. Right. Let me just say one thing before moved to QNA, which is something that was really interesting to me to see when I was at the post was that you could write the same story as news, news analysis and opinion. Yeah. It was just like you were just saying that there's some people think this is a shitty deal. Right. Like critics say Comcast deal is terrible. And then there's like. The kind of kind of bland but still like dues analysis colon. Comcast deal has problems. And then like, then there's like a pin? Like, Comcast sucks. Right. Like, and you could write the same thing. They're places like who you quoted and what what order it went in. That was always really interesting to me. And I always thought that in the traditional way, we did it we made it too hard for the new side to tell the truth and too easy for the opinion side to lie. But now, I think we also sometimes epipens gotten so easy and thick out there that we don't do enough of the stuff that was behind a lot of that news. It was like good process. Even if there wasn't always good product. And I think we don't want. I don't want the old even-handed news product. But I do want to bring more of that process into. It's really good point. Sponsored by fund rise. The future of.

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