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This is a pick em style game. No question about it. It's going into the game. I can't remember a better match. The Super Bowl and San Francisco has been wire to wire the best team in the NFL like the Ravens were the flavor of a month or two and everyone thought that maybe they know the niners have been the best team in the NFL. Stephen it you talk about all the layers you have to get to before you get to Jimmy G.. That's because Shanahan's just trying to win games but when Jimmy has been called upon to win games and when San Francisco's had to score especially the New Orleans game with home field in the playoffs. Maybe the reason they are here. They'd have to go to Lambo on the line Jimmy G. made the play that got them there kill but the bottom line was they scored forty something. Don't think points that day there to score orgy and they did it. I'm not worried about San Francisco scoring San Francisco. Who's going to score with them? They should win the Super Bowl. But I'm not going to pick 'em because Patrick Mahomes is different. It's not it's not anything. It's not a lack of faith than I have in. Jimmy tremendous faith in them. What I think of Aaron Rogers in his prime the other side of that they could do everything right? Not just the defense aunt Rogers and he makes a wrong. The other quarterback could do everything right and have herod's but when Rogers had the ball in his hand he could do things the other guy simply couldn't and mahomes can do things. Listen carefully no one. Who ever lived can do? He's Brett Farve with a higher. I Q he's Aaron Rodgers with a little more zip on the ball. He's just just different. Andy's his prime. Now let me say this. The niners are not great at getting to the quarterback on first and second down they are not third down a different story first and second down. Don't get to the quarterback by the way they're not great in the red zone. Patrick is going to be a high scoring super bowl. I don't see the niners stopping mahomes at all the questions. Going to come down to the chiefs. Defense Stop Jimmy G.. I think they can in the moment of truth but even if he comes through Mahomes can take it to a higher level. Kansas City will hold holdout Miami. Kid We get to the break. It down for us who you got. You know two instances in recent history where I can remember you had dynamic offense against a really really good defense one of them. I played in nineteen ninety. Nine the greatest show on turf. Kurt Warner doc is a Bruce Tori. Hope Marshall Faulk. They can't be stopped. We shut them down to twelve points in Tampa in the NFC championship game. And we did it really simple. They said the Tampa two defense was old and antiquated and it can't deliver anymore. You know what we did. We did really simple. We hit them in the mouth and we made them play Football Kansas City. He wants to play basketball on grass. They WANNA be the Golden State Warriors. They WANNA pass and get up and down to Florida up temple game we gotta remember football at its. Core is a collision collision sport. The second time remember the Seattle seahawks against the Denver broncos peyton manning had thrown for seven thousand touchdowns they went into that game. And unstoppable offense who won that Game Max Maxwell when they gave Seattle seahawks won that game because defense still dominate in steel. Wins I'm going with the San Francisco. Forty niners because I think when it's all said it done when it's all said and done you right. Kansas City will move the Footba but I think that defense will make enough stops and I just believe in the system that system of defense and that style of Defense Seattle now in San Francisco and by the way. The city has faced similar defense this year against the chargers advantage. RUN ON CISCO GET HERE ON FITS. They ran the ball. You know who casey just stopped Stephen Nick Chase just Derek battery off the likes of which we've never seen Moore let me respond to that. Max Kellerman. I don't think that's a fair assumption. Because we wanted to be con- Derrick Henry yesterday we didn't want to get into it too much. But we all know he was a one. Man Wrecking crew. Aj Brown has tremendous has promised a tremendous talent. But he's a rookie wide receiver Ryan Tannehill just decided to show up and be a quarterback this year in the national football league. Okay let's understand the San Francisco. Forty niners are different. They're different animal altogether from position to position. You can knock it down the offensive line protects their quarterback their quarterback. ACAS somebody that you raised about in terms of what his capabilities are when you highlight what he did. It gets New Orleans and a few other teams this year. They're running game doubt top to run a game football pau. deebo Samuel is a start Emmanuel. Sanders might be the best pickup this season when they acquired him about seven or eight games into the season. George Kid A. We've had a debate whether it's him or Travis Kelsey in terms of the ability at tight end at whether or not they're the best in a game and oh by the way how was George Kimble utilized in in the postseason. What they did is they launched him up and made him into a elite edge? Block is well which buffered their running game and so when you take that into consideration ration- just on that alone will cost him and his Daddy. Mike Shanahan who is a two-time super bowl champion who was helping the sun out take into consideration and what you're looking at is an offense that has the ability dislike McFarland said to part union mouth. Ram It down your throat make it a far more physical game that you want. And we ain't even we get to the defense their ability to get to the quarterback or their abilities in the secondary aspect of check. That he's going to miss. Phil can I just you say really quick before we go to break I am also going with the niners huge Al's Roberts paving the way for Air Americans the first Muslim coach in the NFL. He doesn't get enough credit huge props to him and what he's doing the defensive coordinator there. How do you judge someone not by what they say by what? They do. The Nation of doers. What's might Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information formation business from scratch mayor of diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating five hundred thousand jobs improving health care in public schools. Now he's running for President and Mike's the change. We need from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in fact Zim data from divisiveness to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results. Mike Bloomberg knows how to leave to build into deliver to do. He'll win and unite this country. Mike we'll get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve this message because because we need to deliver on the promise of the American Dream Paid for by Mike Bloomberg Twenty twenty southeast killed him in game two days away away. It's going to be fantastic. We got two time Superbowl Champs Cougar. McFarland hanging with eight as a good old time breath Tom Brady with the cryptic post. Will he stay or will he go. That is the question that everybody will be asking at enters. Is this off season. He poured fuel on the fire yesterday with that tweet of his silhouette walking in the tunnel. Max It just a photo no message. What is this tweet? Stay about Tom. Brady let me be very clear about this okay. I don't have a problem with this tweet. I don't have a problem with it but a lot of you should let me explain Tom. Tom Brady is the goal. He's the greatest football player. Who ever lived at that position to lead the way he has performed the way he has under pressure he became greater and greater as his career went on like better at his craft into absurdly late age? It's unimpeachable but I recall when Alex Rodriguez says who was also among the all time greats in baseball opted out of his deal during the world series and by the way there was nothing ambiguous about it he he opted out he wanted a new contract. Everyone killed him media killed him. He's up staging the world series. I I didn't have a problem with it. Whatever you don't pay attention to it or night.

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