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About it. Oh, yeah, that's for sure. Yeah, me too. Oh my God. I might be mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did I man yesterday tell you that you were one toke over the line? Yes, we did, mister brewer and shipley. Yeah. Well, gosh, by his mud. He looks like he's one toke over the line. The second picture yeah, for those who don't go back to the 70s, I was that was a song by a group brewer and shipley that had everything to do with drugs, especially marijuana. Yeah, yeah, I did. Yeah, I know that. I remember the day. Say we're coming back in a few minutes with Billy Napier, the head football coach at Florida. You were listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. You're welcome back here. We're just a couple of hours away from the first spring game of the week. That is the university of Florida. Playing the game tonight and we're joined by the head coach. Billy Napier coach good afternoon, great to have you back. Paul, thanks for having me on, man. I appreciate the opportunity. So we're just a couple of hours away from your spring game, and I know everyone uses the spring game for different means, but first of all, it seems unusual, maybe it's not to have a Thursday night game. What's behind that? Well, I think it was a combination of a lot of things. I think certainly with Easter weekend coming up, trying to create as much student involvement, first opportunity for us to engage that group as a whole didn't want to miss out on some of those opportunities as a result of Easter break. So we're working on Thursday night. It's actually turned out to be an advantage in recruiting course and I think the Florida faith will be here and we're thankful for all the people that are going to come out tonight. Yeah, yeah. Listen, while I was aware of the Easter weekend, I didn't realize what an inconvenient it could be for some fans. So that is actually a really smart idea that starts a weekend off. Let's talk about what your expectations are tonight. Well, you know, I think it's a little bit of a midterm exam approach. I mean, I think this is kind of capping off phase three for us. We went through foundation and identity and certainly spring practice here. This is our 15th one. It's an opportunity for the players to kind of put on display all the work that they put in so far with a new staff. And I think we've learned a lot about our team and certainly I've been very pleased with their attitude, their energy, the efforts being great. We've got a long ways to go, you know, excited about what we observe, but not content, and we'll turn the page tomorrow, evaluate the game and there's a lot of very specific work to do to improve our team. And coach, you've alluded to this in the past, your strategy and approach this is not something that you roll out of bed one morning and try to implement. It took a lot of work. In terms of the player personnel development and then the evaluation, by this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what you have. What are your thoughts on what you're seeing every day in practice? Well, I see. I mean, I think the glaring issues the depth issue that we have. I mean, I think we could put a first group out there that compete with about anybody. I think the big thing here is that we've been here a few issues on our team relative to depth. We're very fortunate that we're living in an era here where we have an opportunity to add players to our team and the springtime. All the way up until when summer school starts. So we're going to try to take advantage of that. You know, this is a different era in college football. And like any other time that I'm aware of, you're certainly much been around longer than I have, but it's a unique opportunity with the transfer portal. The player availability, the ability for them to be immediately eligible. I think it's a little bit of an advantage for a new staff, one that maybe you didn't have a couple of years ago. On that subject coach, I mean, I realized you're coaching football. You're not reading all the things that we are reading at a place like this, but coaches are opining on the NIL on the transfer portal. Your former boss talked about it the other day saying it was, I think both of your former bosses talked about this week talking about how it wasn't sustainable. In terms of somebody who is much younger than either one of them and a little bit more of the beginning of their head coaching career, even though you've been successful, how can you make it advantageous for your program overall? Well, are you speaking about name image and likeness is that what you're talking about? And then there's the portal, which you alluded to. Yeah, no, I think the combination of the two is probably worth the issues are, right? I mean,.

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