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Face off to the right hand side. Cam Talbot and the draw one by the Oilers Marcin put the puck behind this net platform. They're sends it up the left wing side dicara hands. It destroys oiler line left wing. He'll shoot it all the way down. Forty five left on the hawks power play debris. It takes a hand off from gusts from behind the hawk net. Carries to center ice gave it on the right wing side. Takes over the line down the left wing to the corner to Saad detained the Cahoon. Top of the left circle. Do the deep slot now. Gusta details along the left half port behind the back past Augusta. Some deep slot back to tapes beside the left circle paves threw it back to the line gusts. Assimilate was late getting there and the puck slid over the line to center ice hawks have to regroup caves in front of the penalty boxes, how to take steps in over the oil line left wing hands it down to Saad. Bottom of left wing circle. Turning to the corner. He'll spin it behind the net weight or right corner. It goes to tape. Flips the puck right point to to bring it to the left point. Now, the Gusta sent to debrincat high slot to the right circle missed on a one timer clears it around this eludes debrincat at the right point in the Oilers zone. He has to race back and get to the puck and throw the Oilers Tobias reader, and he's gotta be careful here reader doing a good job of tying it up and milking the clock. Finally, the puck British as down in on Cam ward. And he drops it in behind the hawk net. Derek? Thirty five seconds on the hawk power play. Here's Keith hearing out from behind the hawk net headline hawk line than to center ice dropped past a cane hands it off small Swiss he'd or the oiler lot. He lost it in the high slot. And what are we got? I think it's a hooking. Call. Going to get another penalty. Here's hooking onto the hands of Nick schmaltz coming over the blue line. Twenty three seconds to go here. Julia's? Julia. Old teammate Zollverein mate. At North Dakota hooks them up. Faceoff here. Throws Jonathan page. We've got Patrick Kane. Schmaltz up front keeping Seabrook on the blue line on this five on three. The season for the hawks and they control off the draw. Seabrook right point. West Point back to Seabrook. The cane bottle of the right circle shot it through the crease in front of the oil or net banks out to the point twelve and a five on three Seabrook right point came near the right? Faceoff dot. No one. Perfect pass from pain that originated from the right circle. Overton near the top Seabrook. Hammered at home. It's a power. And I do believe that the original tell me the Ryan news at Hopkins had not expired yet. For the Blackhawks are gonna continue on the five on four power plays next Malta's too far from the first play. He's gotta be right on the goal line. A change firing that right to the crease right back up to the point. They worked at back around. Grefell an open seem inspired in a second of the season. I on the citgo fueling good power play. The Blackhawks remain on the power play for another thirty five the call by you. As in behind the hawk net. Duncan Keith corrals a loose puck one thirty on this power play the third citgo fueling good power play of the night. He's moving out schmaltz the hawk line down to Kane over the line down the left wing. He fired a shot. Deflects up into the protective netting and out of play. Real quickly. Wanna give a shout out to my son, Sean and my wife Kelly driving back from Cleveland his team, the Naperville savers peewee major swept.

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