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At all goes, it doesn't go unchallenged praised it. It's it's worship today. They love this stuff. Good morning and welcome last night. The president delivered a big speech took a nation from the Oval Office and the resolute desk CNN was standing by ready. To fact, check in real time in real time during the speech there are going to check that was a little rating stunt because it's all a television show, just a horrible horrible television show and the president spoke on CNN. I watched CNN I tuned in. I got suckered into their fake promos because there are selling cans of stuff over there. And I bought one last night. I watch to watch him. Fact, check CNN says see them fact check the president real time. And they didn't. There was nothing. They didn't during the speech. There is nothing. And then they brought on some silly little man from Canada afterward who had the most ridiculous flailing about just a comical fact check and the Washington Post today to what they're fake check. What our disgrace, our news media is. And I mean, I have the Washington Post piece excuse me. That's that's the fact check. I it right here. Fact checking President Trump's Oval Office address on immigration. It's like a satire of effect check their their absurd, and they don't even know their so lost in their insane little bubble that they they don't know reality from from the fantasy world in which they live extraordinary self last night. The president it was prompt her Trump, right? It was teleprompter. Trump instead of off the cuff Trump alive in front of an audience Trump. It was very restrained. Hey, no. That the news media over there. They're like the cartoon wolf licking their chops. Waiting to fact, check we're gonna affect check everything that's wrong and this silly little Canadian on CNN afterward. Hey said well when he said that politicians have walls around their house. He was clearly referencing Obama at because they all have to rush to the aid of Obama because they're such sick offense such but kissers such worshipers of their their their their lost to deity. I guess they're like reminded me of the made in defending Damien thorn in the woman who threw herself off the roof for the new surrounded neck shouting. It's all for you Damien. It's all for you know, he couldn't have been talking about the wall around Nancy, Pelosi's Houser, Diane Feinstein's, many houses are or even Paul Ryan's house where he built all around us and was mocked couldn't be tighter immediately. Russia's the defensive Obama who wasn't even mentioned who wasn't even cited. And certainly isn't the only one with a wall around his house, and that was one of his big fact checks this defect. Check something Trump didn't say something did he actually didn't? He didn't mention Obama. What is talking about the wall around the house or at any other time, and these people are just such an embarrassment? And then the the other great fact check and that CNN. Had his other presidents talking about child trafficking at the border. Well, he didn't provide any statistics about child trafficking at the border by the president should have stopped and put up an e sold at a shirt and brought out a pointer like Jimmy Carter and gone through all of that. And then it could be like a forty five minute speech instead of a nine minute speech to the nation. There's such frauds? There's such Charlotte's president. I'll be this is all that CNN pathetically. Had fake fact check last night, and it is then they just embarrassed themselves humiliated themselves. The president delivered a teleprompter speech. He's not comfortable with the teleprompter because he doesn't do a lot of teleprompter. But but he did a solid job last night. Yeoman's job nailed all of the facts got a lot of points across. And the news media is contesting the most absurd things just the most ridiculous things. The Washington Post begins with a comical lead fact checking President Trump's Oval Office address. On immigration, Salvador Rizzo. Democrat DNC Representative typist from the girls steno pool at the DNC. He typed up the first misleading statement now, MS note the word misleading. This is the lead of the story here note that word misleading not false but misleading so it's not. So let's start with this. They they didn't find anything false and they're leading with misleading K misleading. The first misleading statement in President Trump's Oval Office address Thursday night came in the first sentence. And and, you know, the first misleading statement in your story came in the first sentence, coincidentally Trump addressing a national television audience from behind his desk warned of quote a security crisis at the southern border end quote. Even though the number of people caught trying to cross illegally is near a twenty year lows. There's no crisis never mind the heroin the Fenton all the cocaine the reef for the human sex trafficking. The women the sexual assaults that children that's not a crisis. That's the status quo and Salvador Rizzo as a dutiful steno from the DNC pretending to be a reporter at the Washington Post as these you know, all of that. That's not a crisis pay. No attention. There's nothing to see here. And this is the theme of the media the status quo must be defended at all costs because the Democrats say so John king on CNN last night along with this Canadian silly little person. So well, you know, really there there are some problems with the Republicans and oughta come around to the democrat point of view because the solution is to come around to the democrat point of view. And that's what the. Media is pushing for that's what CNN is pushing for because they're corrupt. They're not biased. They're they're. They're not inept they're corrupt their ethically corrupt. They're morally bankrupt their journalistically corrupt. The these are not journalists there, they're Democrats with key pads. And and that's and that's that. I'd like to know how you oh. And then and then you got Nancy. I'm Chuck Nancy and shut came out. And this was a lot of fun as you know, the thing is going around. Now, they look like the twins in the shining with their shoulders pushed together looking weird Nancy Pelosi's pupils dilated to the point where you couldn't see retinas anymore anymore. And and she's standing there like sucking food out from between her teeth and went Chuck has talking just looking like a weirdo. Looked like Mr. burns from the Simpsons. And and and there they are pushed together with one podium, and they're sharing it. And and trying to look comfortable together on the piece in the post today. It's just a glowing piece about how wonderful their have four anti Trump pieces on the front page. You turn the page and a glowing piece about how wonderful Schulkin Nancy are. Now, they get along great and boy they finish finish each other's sentences. And and they just assume their dating just based on what I read there. And it was the this hang on. I still have a Washington poster. Just to one more time because once was not enough, absolutely extraordinary. So the fact checkers have decided that he was talking about Obama's house when he said wall, even though he didn't say Obama and Obama's not the only one with a wall around his house. And and that the fact checker on CNN also seemed to suggest that there really is no child trafficking on the border. Then to the extent there is issued worry about it. That's an acceptable level the status quo of child abuse on the border is fine. The number of dead is fine. The number of sexual assaults is fine. Pay. No attention to the heroin coming cross by the ton pay. No attention to the Fenton all the cocaine coming across by the ton never mind. The fact that seventy thousand Americans died of drug overdoses last year. It was two thousand seventeen I think the number, but it's I guess do not in eighteen also more than we lost in the Vietnam where I was talking about this yesterday. The president included a lot of these points in his speech. Last night some of the stats I used yesterday. And and and who is it. The AP is contesting some of the drug stats. Jacker, Dan, ackroyd and trading places on wasn't heroin PCP down the Associated Press. And all of those tons are not heroin a lot of it is other opioids unfit all said, they're fine with that they're fine with the the tons of sentinel, the tons of heroin that the Washington Post CNN the rest of their defenders of the saddest grow as long as the status quo as well. It's being supported by the Democratic Party. And that's what they do. And they will they will throw themselves in front of trains to defend Barack Obama, even when Barack Obama isn't mentioned and Nancy Pelosi looked like a glassy eyed loon yesterday, she looked like draw Bambi from boys life for eyes were so big. And she had these these pans for pupils like olive oil. And and when when Schumer was speaking she looked like she was like, the stepford speaker of the house or something this stepford speaker. Well, see. She was so slathered in lotion doubtless like six hundred dollars an ounce lotion secret to living forever. She's like the Greek goddess ISIS, and and she's got this lotion Oliver face. I was afraid that whatever circuit boards was gonna short out. It was almost disturbing to watch your Sanger. I actually round rewound on the DVR while shimmer was speaking just to focus on my best girl, and I could just focus on Nancy Pelosi standing there in silence. And it was it was creepy and hilarious at the same time. Hilarious and creepy. So fact checks and all that good stuff. Obviously if that's all that CNN had to fake fact check, then the president didn't deviate from the facts they want to contend that. There is no crisis at the southern border. That's the Washington Post lead their latest. There's no crisis at the southern border that the the child trafficking, the sex trafficking, drug smuggling, the violations of law that tens of thousands showing up at our border looking for a gift basket. That's just fine. That's what the news media's position is because that's what the democrat party's position as the democrat party's position is that all these evils all of the drugs that trafficking human child, sex trafficking that these are all perfectly acceptable levels, and we should do nothing. In fact, they had what's her name on CNN? Also who pretends to be a Republic. When asked about says, well, look, the drug dealers are just gonna find another way to get the drugs in any way, which is to just sort of shrug and throw up your hands and say, well what we're not gonna do anything about it. Because the drugs are going to get in any way. And besides it's our sons and our boyfriends that are doing the drugs, and they want them. And so the democrat position is defend the status quo at all costs. That's the democrat party's position that all of the levels of heroin Fenton, all cocaine coming in of women being abused acceptable levels of children being trafficked acceptable levels. That's all fine. They don't wanna lift a finger digit to impede any of that. They are unwilling to act on behalf of the American people because they're too busy being in a whizzing match with the president United States because of politics, and you can burn in hell as far as they're concerned your children. Can die of overdoses as far as they're concerned cremate them don't use up real estate because they've got a new green agenda. It's the green new deal, and they don't want us up space when you die of drug overdose. Just don't call them. Because don't you know, who they are?.

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