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For me, it was like okay, I can go back to home to stay with my family all the time and take for the decision was taking. But they're helping around was not disturbing me at all. You know, it was more like, okay, always I saw it as a new opportunity to do something different again. And just how different was it at Red Bull compared to Jaguar? Because it sounds from the outside at least that you've got one that was very corporate and didn't work. And then you had one that came in completely changing the landscape and disrupting Formula One with their approach of having a lot of fun, like the image that the team wanted to have and was at the same behind the scenes working or is that not possible when you're trying to be successful on track? No, it can not be like you see it from a site. You still need to work hard. It wasn't all fun. You know, it wasn't all fun. It was hard work, as well. But I was a way to yes, and when I came back, actually, a structure, not a lot of change, how we left at Nicki and myself. It was very weird. You know, it was like they have two years come by. There was not a lot of progress made, you know? I was quite surprised about that one. How little was actually changed for people in place. And the Copa coach obviously was another one and Red Bull was mister Matthews was adamant to invest and to go forward, not just sit back and see look at the old days. And did that help though in you being able to kind of continue, like you said, you were Nicki needed maybe one or two more years. Did it feel like you were continuing from almost where you'd left off when you left the team? It's very difficult to say because it's also very strange when you get back to a company after the TF been away two years with completely different ownership. It was like something I never experienced you know because you don't go into a new place, but it's not completely new. It's somehow just different, but some of the things that this was yesterday and now there's a completely different future. So I would say almost a little bit confusing at times. So we're looking in this podcast for a big break moment and you obviously got a lot of experience in that Red Bull time. I mean, big budget, a lot of people to work with. Was it the biggest company you'd have team that you'd have looked after at that point? Absolutely absolutely. You know, because at the time, it was already quite a big team as geographic, not one of the biggest one in Formula One, but then the Red Bull came in and it was going very quick. But then the flip side was you were then I'd say center. I don't know if it was a choice, but you went to America to set up the NASCAR Cup Series team, which I imagine was a a lot smaller, even if it's still big money. But be very different. How did that come about? Because that's like you say, you're happy in the UK. You hopped around things in Europe and then suddenly you're off to America. I would say a dreadful because there was so much change going on, I think there was for me, it was like, I don't know if this is my future or not, and then my relationship with mister Matheson was pretty good, you know. And then at some stage, he asked me if I got an interest to move to the states to look after the NASCAR team, which we will open. And I was like, I don't know what she said. I was pretty happy, but then when I was younger, I would say everybody had not a dream. You know, I would like to go to the U.S. and obviously it's very difficult for you paying to go to the S, especially with driving a good job there, you know? So you would need to start from the bottom again. So I was like, well, yes, with interest me and I didn't know anything about NASCAR or not anything. I knew a few who they learned, of course. A few names, but I didn't know anything technically or how the CFS works. So I was like, I don't know if NASCAR is still writing and died, no idea where Charlotte was to be honest when we first spoke about. So it was one of the things so I said the challenge of the U.S. with the nice, you know, so I went to speak with my wife and we spoke about, and we said, hey, let's do it. We are still young enough to do this, you know? If you like it, we stay there a few years and if not, we come back, there's always something to do. And off we went. From an F one perspective, did it feel like you were leaving the sport though at that point to go to America? Because the links weren't so tight, were they at that stage between the U.S. and F one? I never felt that I'm leaving anything. I just changed. You know, because even if you change job, I didn't think this is gone now. I still had my friends in F one. I went to a few races after even after I moved to the friendship with Nikki was pretty pretty big. You know, so we always wearing contact. So I never, even in Raleigh, I still have friends who are you know I'm still involved, obviously I don't know a lot of people in DTM anymore, but that has changed so much as a race series that there's not many of the old people around anymore anyway. So no, I didn't feel like I'm leaving something. I was up to, hey, what are you going to do next? Let's enjoy this experience. Well, I'd suggest as well from the outside looking at the way your career went that that was a big turning point for you because you still live in America. You've obviously run an American team as we call it in Formula One. And you had two good years with the Red Bull team. And then when you left, you stayed in mooresville in North Carolina. So what was so attractive about staying in that region? So I guess at that point, you may be at that stage didn't have anything else keeping you there at that point. You could have gone anywhere again. Yeah. It was with the NASCAR team about two years. And then when that was all I was like, what do they do next? I had job offers to come back to Europe quite nice ones. And I was like, I don't really, I'm not finished with America yet. You know, there was only there two years. And I liked the country. I liked my personal life. My wife liked it, you know, so I said, well, that is good I do. I had another dream, you know, always when I was younger. To have my own business and I never had the time because I always had good jobs and then you don't want to stop working a good job to do something take a risk to doing your own business..

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