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Us right now. I'm Tony cats. Great to be with you. Tony cats today. Senator, of course, here in Indianapolis, Indiana, right now, the political scene is through the roof. The Senate race the vice president was here vice-president Biden was here with with Joe Donnelly. The former President George Bush is in town for this race, you know, Indiana's very much a ground zero on the political scene and your here, except you're not here on the on the campaign side, you're working on something called the fair shot agenda and any time. I hear the word fair. I always get a little edgy. I get a little, you know, a Clemson as we say as my people say describe it. What is the fair shot agenda? It's really all about making sure that everyone has a chance to succeed as they would define success, which is consistent with the American dream. Share shot. We want to make sure that everyone has that that that fair opportunity to go out there harness their own abilities and move up the income spectrum realize their own dreams. So. We there's obviously a role for government to assist in these sorts of efforts. Typically government needs to remove barriers get out of the way. So that people can realize their own dreams. But today, I've I've spent some time visiting with community heroes who are inspired by their faith. And by do sort of a larger calling to go out and help their neighbors realize a fair shot at success. And and so I tried to elevate our community heroes are doers dreamers around the state of Indiana. As they go out in a non-governmental way. So that everyone can realize airfare shot at success. But one of the things that you're referring to here is not an in opera. You wanna talk about equal opportunity. You don't wanna talk about inequality of outcomes. Yeah. That's right and equality of opportunity sorta vague praise be people throw out, but. Let's face it. What zip code one grows up in? What ones parents do for a living? What's your schools, you go to all those things impact your life long term? And if we conservatives aren't admitting that in embracing that, then we're not being honest with ourselves or other. So the fair shot agenda is focused on trying to make sure that everyone not just in reality.

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