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Just in recent memory since two thousand thirteen the pats are one and four in Miami. So this could be a tough game Brady and the pats. They usually go to Miami. And it's difficult match up. I just have a feeling after not playing such a Chris game against the jets and then flying well up against the Vikings. I was the nice well-rounded win. I think the patriots are in a good spot. I think they know what's at stake. They had that stinker a few weeks ago where they lost the Tennessee. I don't think they have a stinker today. This the motivated football team this an offense that I think really comes together and played their best game of the season. I think they win the game like thirty three to seventeen maybe a back door cover maybe come into play somewhere. But I still think the pats cover the spread of seven and a half. Even if it gets too like, let's say thirty to twenty and gets a little bit tighter. Make you. Sweat it out for the final few minutes. But I like the pats in this one nine only to win but to win big and cover the seven and a half Benjamin. You got for me. We know that the patriots are the better team on both sides of the ball. There's no question about that. And we know that they're playing clinch the AFC east for the Trump team time. So they're motivated for Miami's right in the thick of things in the playoff hunt themselves. They desperately need a win. And as you pointed out history may be on their side in this one you pointed out a lot of these. But Miami's one four the fast pass five at home in this series. Miami's five and one at home this season both straight up and against the spread the patriots on the other hand are only three in three against the spread on the road. This year. Seventy one percent of the Beth right now are going to the patriots. And if you're a savvy better, you know, in the public goes one way, you go the other fade the public. I think the patriots win the game. But Miami keeps a close enough. Keep an eye on that half point at seven and a half. I'll take the dolphins and the points. Christopher Ben dropped a lot of knowledge. They're loaded nuggets nuggets. I'll give you one that. He didn't have. Oh. Ooh. Brady on the road seven and nine in Miami. Whoa. Got to get on our team. We're we're we're just dropping a twenty piece on you Elias sports at all right here. So Ben said the dolphins game a lot more than the patriots. Do the dolphins are technically playing with house money anyway. Because probably nobody really expected them to be six and six in the run for a playoff spot to begin with. Given the dolphins to win the game outright. Wow. Oh, miami. Dolphins will do what they always do. They'll give the patriots their share trouble at home. Dolphins win the game. James Phelan is oats after big week last week. He was he was very good last upsets last week for Mr. Jones onion outright. I thought. He was going plus seven half. It did not think he would go outright. But hey, you learn something every day. Eight twenty Sunday night football Rams at Chicago Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald golfers Trubisky. The strength of the Rams their offense the strength of Chicago Bears their defense. I think this gets into a shootout. So I'll take the strength of the Rams offense. It's a three point spread. I get you Congo's a home dog. But I liked the Rams to win by let's say thirty to twenty three thirty to twenty give me the Rams minus three points. But I think it gets up there and scoring. This year in the NFL may not be that story. It could be more. But everything's up there.

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