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This one got ridiculous yet and kudos to jaylen brown i got to shoot i gotta she got really somebody really well to say it all i got to say you were petty i miss their relationship has to be pretty good by what he is he could go speaking of it's not like or dislike among the people that liked the link that went out there with jaylen using were petty would be when isaiah thomas oh he liked it he liked it there's a lot of things you can get into here one one of the things that we talked about her and i understand that once the sing is in motion there are certain things but they could have picked one of forty one home games to retire populaces jersey right at fort there they're going to forty one opportune dissolve that's the thing i mean okay with several relevent your that's what i had said at the time i said it's the last time his easa isaiah thomas coming there are outside of maybe the playoffs so do it then and you have any other but i guess it would be like oh wait now we're changing then it would be deemed as a were changing the night of the the retiring the jersey for a video you know video tribute to a guy that been there steven jackson said for a couple of years in your given everybody a video tribute that this one to me got child now to if you're on the word patty that's fine as well i think it's crazy i think either one could have said right away whether isaiah said right away listen i don't need it is do you think or i mean paul pierce could have said if you're going to show is tribute video early on you know what when he comes back that's cool and the rest of the united states i can't believe i may sometimes at some of the back and.

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