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Our very special yearly live Christmas Eve special I said special twice because it's that special we get to talk about the things that matter in life and the after life the reason for the season all that good stuff be bold and brave go to your phone with your theology question dealing with god religion spirituality world views or if you're going through something please call with your life situation the number to call tonight is eight hundred five two zero one KFI that's eight hundred five two zero one KFI losing a Pat is very painful and you know Michelle was obviously in a and a lot of pain and we have limited time unfortunately to talk on the program about such things and I would ask that those of you who are little prayer warriors will send where is her way of comfort and strength the homework that I gave her is to help work through her morning the emotions that cat balled up sometimes become knots we don't want them to that should be a fluid part of transition win one point to another and that's what I want from her is to grow through this and that doesn't mean to turn it off and throw things away right away but to pick a few things that are wonderful memories and to be the curator of the life of of people that have come and gone it's a very very powerful thing and that's that's but for those of you who are curious that's why I say to go to down that path because it's a very healthy way to to really look at the things you enjoyed in yes they those things will be gone but I'm also concerned that someone who will put himself in a in a place of loneliness to be set up aside and to not interact with people and I would really encourage that Michelle goes out and does that mean find a local church or maybe hobbies that you might have to connect with others I think that's gonna be imperative Bonnie welcome to the Jesus Christ show Hey well I think well as you say two three here are the reason for the season that's what they tell me I I would like to say that I am happy to hear that your producer Neil is recovering well from his surgery thank you and you know what he felt every single one of those prayers I tell you the whole process for him it's been amazing so thank you for that I'm so glad that it worked out well and haven't heard anything more for a while and have been wondering folks so glad to hear that the reason I called this evening was I had a question for a long time and on Sunday mornings we're getting ready for church so as we are tonight we're on our way to our candlelight Christmas Eve service center how wonderful that and but I'm how do you feel about the right to die this is a tough one there's a lot of things that tie into it and usually people end up going to the medical and saying well if somebody is going to die their terminal then that would be one situation than others feel well if you're mostly in a state where you feel like you've lost all hope the should be have the option there so depends from where you come in one sense to kind of build the intellectual argument for understanding but in the spiritual sense there's no place for spiritually there is they're all pain has a purpose all joy has a purpose and that there is a time when god takes you and that is when god takes you and there's a confusion between saving a life or prolonging death you know some people say oh well we're keeping them alive with yellow the tubes and this and that and really yeah along a death right and the branch yeah that's different if you're in that state then there then you are dying and they are interfering with you dying naturally but if you are the flip side of that want to die sooner then god has chosen that is not okay either so it's a really really bad understanding the circumstance but people that are in they cannot feed themselves or any of those things at that point there there's a lot going on there that people wanna hold on with hope and hope is wonderful absolutely but if you're pro longing someone's death that is not an okay thing there is nothing in scripture that says that is okay you know there are times where people came to me in scripture and said Hey you know on this person just died I want to follow you but I need to bury them and I said the berry the the dead will bury their own and it would confuse people but the reality is that that death is certain for everyone and that these things will take place but they will take place in the proper time you start messing around with things and I'm not talking about surgery I'm not talking about legitimate tools in the health trade to clean to save a life that's a good thing to prolong a death is not or to hasten death is not so that's what it comes down to are you hastening the death or are you prolonging a death both of those are bad hi I just have a problem with at the end of your life and there is no hope for recovery to diminish the resources you have and and you're you're going to the way why why is it not okay for me to take a couple of pills and say I will meet my lord a little sooner than he had planned well because god is the giver of the gift of life and to treat it as if it's only yours and doesn't belong to god is where we step out of balance in life and in death we do that in life we train side step god's will and we can do that in death if we try and side stepped god's will every ounce of life that you have is god prescribed and for whatever you will learn and understand in that process you may not know now and you will only know when the transition and for whatever reason that is god's plan in the way he designed it and trying out thank him is his hubris at the very minimum and countering god's will in reality it was the I'm Layla Mohammed live from the KFI twenty four hour news room mount Baldy will be re opening tomorrow for recreational activities following the death of a man was trying to help find a missing hiker Tim staples was killed a week and a half ago in the fall will be remembered at a ceremony Saturday Russian president Vladimir Putin says Russia leads the world in hyper sonic weapons distress that for the first time in history Russia has an edge in designing a new class of weapons American Airlines has become the second U. S. airlines offer non binary gender choices during the booking process.

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