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I know exactly what you were saying. And I said something similar earlier in the show about Aaron Rodgers. I do if the Brady syndrome you're talking about is what happened in Tampa Bay, where he was able to kind of run his own crew, right? Yeah, I think he sort of had a lot of saying what went on Clearly, you know, Rob Gronkowski was there and Antonio Brown, two of his favorites were there Um Tom Brady. And it's just a different atmosphere with Bruce Arians Little more Country club. Little more dropping F bombs that the trophy ceremony, you know, tossing the trophy from one boat to the other. Just a little more. More Footloose and fancy free. You know then, and I think I think there is part of Aaron Rodgers and probably a lot of veteran quarterbacks to take a look at that situation. Brady was in Tampa Bay. And they saved man. I would love something like that. That would be for Tom Brady. Looks like he's having fun. The problem for Aaron Rodgers is he signed a contract extension. He he's under contract. So he can't just leave and go to something like that. He can do what he's doing now, which is make a stink, which is use back channels that kind of leak stories of demanded trades and things like that. And that's the extent of his leverage right now. Hey, Hey, we should get a trophy to, uh don't you think you're right? Oh, dear. I do theater. I didn't know you were still there. Um, I'm gonna cut you loose, Theodore, because I wanna move. I want to get a couple more collars in here before I didn't have here that came out of nowhere. A funeral. It's a ghost of Theodore. Yeah, the I don't know what you're talking about The end there, but he should get a trophy too. Right? Look, if you were talking about Aaron Rodgers, I think all the quarterbacks feel like they should get a trophy. The brainy syndrome goes back long before Tampa Bay. The Brady syndrome is To use your word. The Brady Syndrome. Theodore The Brady syndrome is Is the the, um The way in which many teams have been duped into thinking they can replicate what the Patriots were doing for 20 years. It's somehow the Patriot weighs something. It's like a McDonald's, where you can just go create one on every street corner because you hire somebody from the Patriots. It was actually Tom Brady. That did a lot of that. Wasn't necessarily a culture or away or anything like that. It was it was largely Tom Brady being great. It got them to where they got to in all those years, and I think we saw that in Tampa Bay last year. Brady has gotten a lot of people. Hired Brady has got a lot of people fired. Brady is created an ethos that some field was so replicable that when a soon as you found out, it's not you go crap. Okay, this This is not what I envision signing up. I was saying, you know you You're working for some NFL team and you hire some random person from the New England front office or one of their coaching staff, the coach to run the team. And you assume they're just gonna be great because they were with the New England Patriots and and then Ah, you're too in. It's not great at all. And you run a replay of one of the Super Bowls and Brady won you go. I was expecting this and you hit play. This is what I was expecting. This is not what I got. And I didn't keep my receipts. So now I've got to pay you. Scott P. O Lear, Whoever I'm in Houston, They hired Nikki's cereal here. I actually think Nikki's cereal is gonna be a very good general manager. I like making cereal so far again, really been able to hit men able toe do much he's cleaning up of nuclear catastrophe from the previous general manager. Right, Speaking of Houston, Let's get one more in here. Jerome Jerome, you're on CBS Sports radio. What's going on? Hey, Johnny, Johnny the cabinets and it is an honor to talk to you, man. I've been listening to you for years and years and finally got in. I'll smack on Winner Hall of fame. You whole thing in my book. Okay. Aaron Rodgers. Uh, a Iran Just send Denver that way. My childhood lifetime would be complete with them. Winning another Super bowl with, uh, a Ron. I'm out. Thank you, sir. All right. Thanks. Sure, appreciate that. Uh, that's see. That's the thing about this Aaron Rodgers thing. Like I look at some of the teams that would be in for Aaron Rodgers indented like Denver's at the top of the list, right. Denver is the It's reportedly one of the teams. It was deep into talks to get Aaron Rodgers. How can you look at the Denver situation ago? Yeah, This is just so much more functional than the Then the Packers. This is so much less dysfunctional some mess. The ownerships of mess John Elway still in the building there. Now granted when the team has succeeded, which John always not the GM. They've got an actual GM and John Elway's upstairs, but when they when they have succeeded in recent years, it was going and getting a guy who was in his late thirties. Hall of Famer to play quarterback who only want one Super Bowl. So there is that parallel? 855 to 1 to four. CBS. If you're on hold, stay there. If you're not on hold, you wanna grab a line. We'll take phone calls as we head towards the top of the hour here on the program Up next, though, let's talk to Major League baseball. Kyle Glaser of Baseball America. Will join me. I got it. I got to get the scoop from him is skinny on his thoughts on this rat versus raccoon thing that they were using as the excuse for Lindores getting into it with one of his teammates. I gotta get his take on that. On by the proliferation of no hitters is baseball in a good spot right now, just in terms of the cachet in the Q rating on the.

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