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With news five. Ryan Kaufman here for my good friend and realtor barb Schlinkert a Parker Saint Clair realty. And there are a couple of reasons why I love working with barb one. Of course is because she is really good at her job. And don't we all like to work with people who excel at their craft? But the other part is I just she just goes she's very successful. But she goes about it in a very different way. And here's what I mean. I understand with real estate agents. It's a doggy dog world, right? You're all all of them are fighting for the same listings and on fighting to get their client with the most money and all this kind of stuff. Everybody's trying to do it. But what gets lost? Sometimes what's in the best interest of the person selling their home. And what I love about working with barb. Is that shit when she sits down with you. You can have an honest conversation with her about where your head's at us selling your home. And when you come out of it bar may tell you, you know, what it doesn't look like it's the right time for you to sell your home. Or many realtors will tell you to put in a bunch of work into the house to try and get the price up. And then they don't sell it for what they said they would bar won't do that either. If you're okay was if you want to sell it as is is okay with selling it as is. And then of course, you'll sell it for more money and faster than the average agent because he's just that good. So if you're thinking about sound on your home, even a little bit just sit down with barb see what she has to say. Maybe you ended up not selling it. But if you do end up selling it, you will sell it for more money than you would have if you went with another agent. So I read this is Robin Roberts president.

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