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Is the ranked team get yeah do they get the same thing I don't they probably get to see at the end they just all they get is a free trip to the Alamo yeah all weather so this show winter storm warning is in effect now that's mainly going to be for the mountains and further north mostly in the valley we're going to see rain associated with this but could switch over to snow down here in the valley by Saturday but it is going to be wet for for several days has it rained get outside our studio really it's wanted to it's thought about it it will okay don't you worry bill okay I won't and actually traffic has been fairly fairly decent this morning Ashe SR one eleven sixty second south in the West Valley crash north on I fifteen Mar first two forty five in Santa Quinn rush is down a hundred twenty six south of thirteen hundred west so that was a bad accident that involved different cars and and lots of emergency vehicles on the scene there in destiny with visual freedom from glasses or contacts visit wait vision anally higher we vision dot com that's W. A. I. T. E. vision dot com there's been a candidate number three here come the judge Kentucky state authorities say that Kenton county judge don gentry coerced colleagues to support her election campaign made inappropriate advances.

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