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I don't even they're even. It's not a qualm like I don't have a call for these things because it's just like this is my mole on the neck kill him. That's totally fair then. I feel like watching. This movie is like being outside on that perfect Sunday. That has a breeze like it's it's as Jonas. Jonathan was saying like when you think about this movie it flows back to you. It doesn't hit you smack in the face like Oh yeah that thing existed. It's like Oh yeah. I think it's because the reason. I don't really have any qualms because like the movie. It's hard to find part movie. You're not enjoying that's not game like is important to the movie in some way or isn't as fun and well done you know even if it doesn't serve the public as well done and it's fun to watch So so to me it. It didn't really have any qualms like that as far as that would take away from like the story telling you like that. I mean yeah. I didn't even see the dust. Once I guess I was spared from some of that but the yeah just really enjoyed. It's hard to. It's hard to especially after the cat bus. It was like this is going to be really hard to find something that I don't like about the fighting also like you don't even see Totoro until thirty minutes into the film so it's yes it to me. Also get into the Ma of the film when Ma we talked about in our spirit away episode where like there is a stillness a pause in Miyazaki films as well as Japanese animated films. Where like you know like in American cinema like we had to go like nothing ever feels like they need to breathe. If you watch like Japanese animated films it feel so slow in comparison But then there is that sense of like. This is a waltz. This isn't this isn't another. I met I accurate so invested in sister's kind of discovering what's important to them like every little thing is fascinating billfish fish little chapels little like a quantity found Enforcement is sprite sets. You know since presses writes coming into that of course is going to be like sensory overload for that so I mean I think it was fun to kind of go in that event that opening sort of journey with them discovering their new place. And like you know seeing e learning a lot about the sisters as is like their relationship to each other their relationship to like their father and things like that so the the movie has a lot to offer you before it even hits this titular character It up so he's just see Jonathan just like show no one last thing I would say. Yeah a few definitely meet this film where it's at instead of trying to meet you like you'll get.

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