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Colts section with peyton section. I guess denver. Also i would imagine elway will be there to support pain. But it's just very fitting into me peyton manning when. I was a kid kid late nineties indefinitely in high school and then through college. I was a much bigger peyton guy than tom. In two thousand and twenty one. It's hard to fathom that. Tom brady was ever behind peyton manning but even when tom had one a couple of super bowl i i think. It was pretty universally accepted in sports fans vernacular and the way we talked about it. That payton was the better player and then once seven hit and then definitely the last ten years. Tom basically became peyton but peyton all time transcendent athlete. Like in fifty years the way my dad talked about mickey mantle. Right or you know bill. Russell is the way people are gonna to talk about peyton manning. He changed this was a big part of changing the popularity a sport. That was already really popular. Took it to another level with. Tom and tom played arguably a bigger role. But i always felt that payton her if he didn't get that last super bowl which in a weird way he got a little lucky to get because his arm let him down. He was shot as a player but their defense was so good. I actually attended that born made some money. Because i've been on the broncos but a big reason they want. It was von miller that front seven me jackson derek wolfe Demarcus ware danny trevathan. I mean their team was stacked. Chris harris bradley roby draft in the first round. They had a keep to leave. Was still a stud team. They were unreal. They were awesome ants c. j. anderson the running back from cows pretty good. Mary thomas like they were stacked in peyton was hold on for dear life but he could early in the game and he did it against england and didn't against the super bowl he get out think you he is one of the greatest minds in the history of sport and he's not very physically talented. He has an average armagh best. He could not run at all really. His greatest attribute is this size. He is a massive human being so we could see over the offensive line. But he's not that talented know he. I don't think people realize a guy like him was coming out of the draft. Now how polarizing his ability would be now. He was really accurate and he was. You know he he just knew more than you. We talk a lot about. Football's a chess game. He was like bobby fisher now. He got a little tight sometimes in the playoffs happens. But i'm so glad that he got the second super bowl because no one will remember that you know in thirty forty years hanging on for life very paid man symbols because he was so accomplished as a player in anyone close to my age. If you watched most of his career he was so dominant in the regular season. He was an unstoppable player. And obviously the playoffs get harder. And when you don't have a great arm. I think sometimes you play in inclement weather in pittsburgh and kansas city. I guess they probably weren't in the playoffs as much but definitely new england the jets baltimore tara outside and he's just think the hall of fame i again. I think guys like peyton manning like no doubt about it. I bowed hall of famers to me. If every hall of fame in every major sport was only guys like peyton manning like it should be very very difficult to get in and i think in a great great class. Because that's what this is of just star players star coaches.

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