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And the raiders they were the team signed him out of illinois state and i think he played four games for maybe at one sack from not mistaken. But so it'll be good to get shelby and graham glasgow back if flown under the radar mark barron. his i. our window opened. The speedy linebacker has been hurt since the final practice of the preseason that friday night practice they had at empower field at mile high pulled a hamstring. And when you're in your mid thirties. Sometimes that easy to get back from a hamstring. As for other broncos injuries demar dotson the latest on fant. Both of those mcvay wasn't that worried about but didn't have a good update for us on monday. And then both aj boy and bryce callahan who they desperately need to corners. He said he expects to see both of them back this week. So boy must have progressed in concussion protocol and i guess he's not that worried about callahan's ankles that's where it stands on the injury front. The broncos will meet virtually. today. I did vic fangio. Will they continue to meet virtually this week. You didn't have a good answer as to how it relates to the team. He said the coaches are are in the building and that was all he new to. This point I guess i could find out a little later if the players are going to be in the building or working virtually so I guess is they'll continue to work. Virtually especially on a tuesday wanted just film study. And i don't know if that means guys will come in and lift on their own Or how that works. That's usually what tuesday lifting and going over film with your position group so we'll see how that plays out. We're going to get to rick lewis here. In one second remind you about chug water. Chilly go to chug water. Chilly dot com promo code chug water be k. To save twenty five percent up at a grocer near you of course. But water chillier spicer western. Life had some chug water Julia the other night. And i know we're gonna have again this week because my wife went to the store because i don't know how to do that. I'm an idiot. I mean. I had to go to the store. I just don't know any of the stuff that she needs. But it's it was obvious when she returned from picking up the pre Arranged groceries From walmart that we are going to have some water. Chilly here in the very near future with the cold weather.

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