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That's a big thing right now that black organizers are asking folks to amplify and look into a study up on and push in your local area. Like, the also said we want to defend the police and we know that even now in the midst of all the chaos in the midst of the uprising Garcetti is still trying to. You know give police extra I think billions of dollars, not even millions, so we're really working on on pushing budgets, and on focusing on where the money is going where the money goes is where the power goes well right, and then I would say like if you are planning on going out to a protests Make sure you wear a mask and take multiple masks with you because you might need to change yours out. They are really pepper spraying people indiscriminately and teargassing people indiscriminately. I took like a jug of milk. The first time I went out just in case because I've seen that that be recommended. Folks that we know have been gassed in pepper sprayed. Friends of ours journalists and who have been out protesting as well or covering the protests, and something that I've been doing is being a sharpie and writing like my emergency, contact my sister, her phone number and my arm, and then there's like a number for a bail bonds Here in the city is well that folks have been sharing and do not go by yourself. Take someone with you. Go with a friend or two friends and make sure that you have like a plan. Where your car is you kind of know like how many blocks USB comfortable running if you had to run figure out, if you guys want to be in the middle of everything if you want to be on the outskirts and Think about if you're like willing to lose things like if you're taking things with you. Is it stuff that you can live with outer that you can lose if you need to? And who are you telling that you're going to be there because as we've seen to? The LAPD are just like arresting folks in mass, and not disclosing always the locations that that detainees are being taken to. We've seen Mohandas. As one Moheddin particular right about essentially being sexually assaulted by Elliott PD, her and other protesters were very much, physically abused, and then dropped off in the middle of nowhere in Westwood with like no phones or or transportation keeping in mind. Mind that in a lot of cities like la there, they have also been shutting down public transportation, so it's not normal. It's like it's like it feels like a war zone. You know, and so like even you know no-one plans to get arrested I have zero plans getting arrested. We're walking into all of these like taking those precautions because it is that serious out there. We see is I've seen people with their kids to like they're. They're shooting. Tear gas into crowds with children in them. You know so just keep those things in mind. When you decide which action you might be participating in I would also say. Look into who the organizers are. The founders of black lives matter are queer women right, inherently black lives. Matter is clear it's. And so get to know who the organizers are. Is it white organized? Is it not. Is it affiliated with black lives? Matter I think that that's just as important when you're doing your research, and while you're GonNa, go protest and demonstrate yeah, and like another pro tip that I was really surprised about but is super helpful, so if you doubt if you have a snapchat and check out the snap map of the city where you live, you can get these hyper, hyper, hyper local on the ground views of the protests in real time and what they look like. You're you're looking at the snap? The concentration of people are posting their own protest experienced snapchat, and you can just see his bird's eye view of everything so yeah, and and again follow blogs. Matter because that's the source that's we're GONNA. Find like I think the most legitimate stuff. Yeah absolutely an ultimate. Be Safe out there always. Let people know where you're going to be at if you're going to be out. Like Malla shared all those really great tips when she was going to the first instrument I was like okay. Girl in the event that you are detained. Do you have bail money? Where is it right? Where do we go? Get you because like? I said. You're not going with the intention of getting arrested. I mean maybe you are, but if you're not like we're clear accounts of folks, the LAPD detaining folks, and then just dropping them off. God knows wear so always be safe. Don't go alone. Let people know where you're at There's a bunch of different safety tips online when it comes to like digital safety and like turning off location services. Turning off your cell service all of that so just things to keep in mind if you're out in the thick of it brings to keep your mind, and right now I feel like you know the Lapd Lake this term. Law Enforcement is such a misnomer and means almost nothing because there are such clear relations of our laws and procedure there are so many constitutional and human rights and civil rights violations, taking place daily at these protests being perpetrated by. Quote Unquote Lot of law enforcement, so it's just very bizarre. Z like you know very average everybody you know unarmed just out there, trying to exercise constitutional rights and allegedly the. There to protect, but is doing everything they can to wage war and to silence folks, so it's your right to be out there if you want to be if you can be. I think a lot of I know. My mom has been released scared for me and doesn't want me to go and I'm like look at the end of the day like we have rights, and they can't just force US inside and stomp us. How and make us be quiet. You know they're they can't. There's more than there are of them and I. think that they're seeing that and that's why. Aired and that's why they're reacting so violently. They're overwhelmed.

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