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After he claimed in a text message that he coughed on a driver he ticketed hoping to spread the corona virus Virginia state police began an internal investigation into Jacob Gooch after the texts surfaced during a homicide investigation in Arizona which is brother mark is charged in the killing of a Sunday school teacher who disappeared from the Mennonite community in New Mexico earlier this year in a text exchange enable Jacob Gooch told mark and another brother that he gave a Mennonite manta ticket cost on him so he would spread the corona virus to the wedding they were going to members of the DC National Guard have tested positive for the corona virus in the wake of the mass protests in the nation's capital last week lieutenant colonel Brooke Davis as the guard will not release the exact number but officials say they believe it's not a large number Lee so far while some guard troops responding to the protests did wear protective equipment most were not wearing masks and it was largely impossible to maintain social distancing right now you can dine outside and still get carried out but the restaurant industry is still working to rebound in our series finding a recipe for recovery WTOP's John Dorman spoke with some of the best chefs in the city to find out where they want to go and things fully re open again one of my favorite places is a local place near my house it's called blinds like real it's a mom and pops you place any brand wine is a James beard award nominated chef who runs central Lena highly rated Italian spot in center city but when she goes back home to Arlington I really appreciate them being there so I have to say that they are my go to place I just want to have something that reminds me of home all of the letters is the pastry chef at kith and kin she's nominated for James beard awards rising star chef of the year and home for her is New York City restaurants in the Bronx right York is she can't wait to go back you know samples I miss it and I can't wait to go back right overindulging John Newman WTOP news you.

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