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Every homeowner and every child in Fairfax county. this I'm I'm talking about this on a national show please bear with me friends we got too many people out there listening this is important because what Elizabeth Schultz is talking about is in a little Petri dish it's a microcosm of what is happening across our nation this is exactly why I wrote my new book the war for America's soul help identity politics is an attempt to destroy the traditions that this Republic was built upon I'm Elizabeth how can people support you in your run to be rate reelected on the school board. well it's not about me no but I'm asking you I'm asking you how can people so they can go to show up for school board S. the H. U. L. T. B. for school board dot com but you have to understand what happens in Fairfax county does though nationally the the the presentation had just this week is when we were eating right eating our history curriculum starting in fourth grade to collect the impact your recipe's because we can no longer have a euro centric history we have got to re write history this is the war well in it has come to life and it's it's happening in Fairfax it is going to spread and instructs the curriculum of every child across the United States of America this is crucial to take back your school work and understand this doesn't just affect the children who were in the school that affect every homeowner intact and whatever county urine there ninety thousand four members in this country and if you really want to fundamentally transform America back again he got a kick back your school work whether it's fair fax or any place else in the United States all right support this lady Elizabeth Schulze Schulze for school board dot com and shoulder is S. C. H. U. LTZ Elizabeth you're very impressive already I can tell I'd like to get you in the studio to discuss further this. human human human engineering I mean it's it's it's shocking and it's a national story thank you keep doing what you do keep fighting I'm Sebastopol CA.

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