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Seventeen. I got a fake ID to go see them at this club like downtown like so I was a huge fan so that in look as I mentioned I had a pretty. I had a pretty big crush on him. I just thought I was just like I. Love Him like that solely like the creepy guy that I that I love so. The second album for me was unbelievable that I was just like Whoa. Then again, it was weird that they. Could tell when closer dropped and marched the pigs in like they just the videos just became so huge on MTV those like whoa he's going to become famous like it's not gonna just be like he was on. Alternative nation or one, hundred, twenty minutes like this crime time play. So, for me this X. I haven't heard this album in a while like I've heard it live when he's performed in also. I've seen every night neil to tour like I may have not seen them in the same but. Tour he's done I've seen it's just I thought about it on this last time use your last year I was like, wow at greet. The first album it's wild to hear this album again. It's a pretty nuts album when you think about it very agro, very very sexual and like I mean your all wanted to talk a little bit about some of those bits and pieces and the like I put it in my notes. I. Was like this is like pre in-cell before we do what is like this is a kind of. A creamy be album that you're just like this dude is really. He is angry at he's angry it's women. Angry at his life and there's a lot of stuff he needs to work out. I. Think these workout unfortunately. Downward. Spiral. Also I would just love just I waited. Twenty plus years to ask this question, who is this woman that is torch. that. He's right about because she deserves to have her say it all of this because with pretty eight machine, she kind of liked drove down the bottom of the jump into this one was really rough He went from sem to the whole deal but Yeah this is a lot of it. I think this was a big breakthrough album for him, and again I, think this is very comparable that Trent was at the top of his game at like a like he really was just like. The man and everybody listened to these tracks and the videos were event. it, Kinda it's wild lose listening to it again. Today was the report parts of them. Why did notice this back in the day or it sounds different like being in my forties and whatnot but an intense album? Yes a lot I mean it goes from zero to one hundred in half a second i. feel like right away. You know I do really love that it. It kind of tells the story of like a Madman, a sex crazed madman who has all sorts of issues and literally having the spiral, and for me actually like as as you reached the end of the album and I know it was a big single and but I can't not pick her as my repeat I just feel like that is the perfect kind of. Everything was released in that moment and that song is so stunning. And it doesn't sound like anything else on the album. So maybe it's I'm chickening out a little bit but. I don't know I. think that Song is kind of timeless and and brilliant and to this day it's still kind of tears me up on us. And then. I, guess there's a point in the I. Think for me. The album is perhaps a couple songs too long or maybe just listening today it was little too long for me..

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