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Our news in washington i'm windsor johnston a us drone strike has that killed at least two people in pakistan one of them was identified as a militant leader npr's dea had deed reports this dried targeted a vehicle close to the border with afghanistan local media reported that one of the victims was jumaa han a commander in the huq connie network it's the militant grouping that forms part of the taliban the us has long demanded pakistan crackdown on the group according to the nonprofit the bureau of investigative journalism there's been at least five us drone strikes in pakistan this year temperatures are below zero this morning and much of the northern us from montana and to main gary ellen bolt with south dakota public broadcasting says the colder than normal weather is expected for the rest of the week liver recalled temperatures of blood wellard windshield voters ribbit stretching from the canadian border to southern cansearch temperatures on the northern plains where the teams below zero some people are seeing nearly 30 belowzero temperatures in northern both dakota factor in the light winds said those temperatures for even colder the forecasters say some wind chill readings could hit forty below on new year's eve stocks are trading higher on wall street at this hour the dow is up twenty four points the nasdaq composite up seven the s p up to i'm windsor johnston npr news in washington it's eight forty three and we have a perspective for eu lauren vung and her family fled vietnam after the communist victory their harrowing escape by sea and ultimate rescue left her with a lifelong sense of gratitude here's her perspective thirty seven years ago i arrived in america an eight year old vietnamese refugee we landed in seattle where i saw snow for the first time everything was clean white and light filled i thought we were in heaven the first american i met with a little girl with blonde curls and blue eyes she looked exactly like a chair up i was convinced we were in heaven my family's journey to america is not so different from that of the middle eastern refugees today my father a member of the south vietnamese regime was in prison and for four years after the war as a child i was reminded daily that he was a.

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