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You know present a regular passed on by then but i i watch this reagan profar she was run the big foundation the support the reagan librarian everything that was you know the ronald reagan have stood for with his foundation then she called the time might be interested in help but her you know keep the flames burning for ronald ryan and how do you go turn that down you know no way just the job of a lifetime side been here now for seven years that the reagan foundational you've been the executive director that try seven years that's ryan and and that's out you and i got to be friends mark everyone of your outstanding number one best selling books have have a fitting stars out here at the library you know i know there's thousands thousands of people lineup around the block year were to get chances to meet you when you put up i had your book loaded here in the we've just he had a tremendous let me let me ask you a question the missing piece people need to know you and i are like best buddies yeah i mean let me ask you this question something curious about this did misses rank in the signed off on the people who will be invited to speak at the regular bernie yeah yeah if you're ye you gotta be allowed to to speak get the lectern here unless this this reagan i would agree to would agree to a two hitter it's an honor it's really an honor to be concerned early as it is and and marquee you have rightly so then here many times and she cheese shop endorsement done this many times at them every single time is on the has reagan signed off having you here in as you know.

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