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Because you need a crime doroy did they dropped the ball although it granting ever but the most surprisingly this surprising aspect where that the accessories the models would carry their own heads they were made to look exactly like the person in the exact makeup they were in and the whole the whole room they were in was supposed to look like a doctor's office the reasoning behind this was pointed out in a good instagram caption sitting the entire show is meant to reflect creating new personalities through fashion let's pick a sweet spot i am going look no further than the late great george michael in his music video and then the model member the handphones pleaded no model freon idea had like offer mile that's great the supermodel cafe and all that karaha now let's figure this out because but was lungs boutwell realize yes on i shouldn't be older watch models walk down a runway in europe and treat it like i'm trading baseball cards like an got it night i want to occur not a vulgar oh that oh man maybe the rent mona oh i let them blow me i now now now she looks like she has like aids and hepatitis now now to sunken eyeballs hutus and now non that's a that's a that's an a cup at now okay to not fuck that one behind oh she should working she's stage ran a pretty good yet it should be uh i can give my pants down fast enough that surgery and in the nineties with a linda evangelista as an and all that the turn all the that cindy crawford and then there was a what's her name taylor too low.

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