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I was born on June fourth. I graduated from West Point on June. Third fifty five years ago. Just back from my reunion, you know, some of those guys have gotten old and this show is the beginning of frontlines of freedoms thirteenth year. This all started on the first weekend in June, twelve years ago, and it's been a fun ride. Oh indeed. The sixth of June nineteen forty four the day. The allies invaded Europe. Normandy France during World War. Two has always been an important data me co host air force vet Josh lane. Also the co founder indeed show is his idea. He sold it to the leadership, it would radio flagship station with information recruited me to host, Josh produced, the show for a few months than employment opportunities moving away and the ball was in my court, fortunately, I did, and still have a great support team which includes Josh. As we have frontlines of freedom. Look forward to our thirteenth year on the air, I want to share some of my goals and concerns for our nation. The world is a very unstable place right now. We have to be strong and prepared to defend ourselves and our allies, the incredible hatred and bias against Israel and Jews around the world around our nation is one example of things getting worse. Not better America is the greatest nation in the world. I've traveled a lot and have never been or even heard of any place else ride rather live, but I'm very concerned about our future of this, wonderful nation. We have always been far for perfect. We're getting further from our great potential. We're abandoning our values the values that made our nation. Great our education system is failures. Well, our students are learning how to do math and science, and all the all Ogies like sociology psychology. They're not learning the history of our nation or how our nation works a little about either our founding. Documents declaration of independence of the constitution, many seem to think the bigger government, and even socialism is the answer when both are the path of dictatorship. Our presidents that are not attacked by people who are full of hate while I like our president, and I have no problem with people who don't close minded, hate, which is also the basis of virtual the news in the mainstream media, leads, only to violence look at all of islands in our society, today, the hate and violence never lied, irrational discussion between people who disagree. No, so we're stuck with violence, virtually all of it initiated by left-wing haters. Why is there? No recognition of the great improvements in our economy jobs, higher wages. Why can't those who dislike elected official? Do what we've done before. Start planning support someone to run against them in the next election. I felt the President Obama's worst president, our nation's ever had I hate him or attack him, much less hate attack, his wife and kids, as Trump is experiencing. This kind of behavior is destroying our nation. Trumps hate filled accusers. Never come up with any proof after over two years of trying. Isn't it time to calm down except are properly elected government and work towards the next election, if we don't really setting the standard that of closed minded. Hey for all future elections, wanna live like that. I hope we will return to be a nation of toleration and living with our political opponents going back to our failing education system. Our colleges and universities are for the most part dominated by left-wing faculty. Now there's nothing wrong with wing faculty as long as they're balanced by right wing faculty in this situation. Students are taught how to think not what to think. But in our left wing dominated colleges. Conservatives are under attack. Conservative speakers are not welcome conservative groups are put down. We must teach our future generations, that good Americans coming all flavors, including all political flavors and the diversity is what makes great. So our guest on today's show are going to share. Values and goals that I feel will help return. Our nation to balance will even help identify things you can do to help move our country in the right direction. I don't expect everybody agree with all of what we discussed today. But I hope that everyone will agree that all perspectives must be welcome considered, and debated and violence has no place in our society. Let's do away with Haight. Encourage open discussion of all points of view, every proud of our nation. And those are my comments for today. This is Dennis Gillam. You're listening to frontlines of freedom, and now we get to enjoy some more wisdom with Roland. Ask me what do you have this week role? On September twenty six nineteen eighteen at about eight thirty pm off the coast of Wales, the coast guard cutter Tampa with a hundred and thirty one souls, onboard was sunk by German new boat, or PTO, the sinking of the Tampa happened just weeks before the war ended on November, eleventh, nineteen eighteen it was the single largest loss of life, for the US coast guard or the navy in World War, One after more than a century. The ship went down ten descendants of the Tampa lost crew received the purple hearts earned by the relatives in ceremony last week at headquarters in Washington. DC James Wilkie twenty nine was a cook aboard the Tampa in a seventy seven year old grandson, William Bonaparte, who also served in the army, and Vietnam attended the ceremony. His only wish was that as late mother Anna bottom part could have been present. She was four years old when he died, but spoke of her father often, they're planning on taking them back home to Charleston, South Carolina, and holding a small ceremony at his mother's gravesite, another descendant, Henry height of Saint Augustine, Florida and his wife Ingrid brought with them clipping, from the Tober fourth nineteen eighteen addition of the Brooklyn, New York daily eagle which noted that fourteen of the Tampa crew were from Brooklyn in Long Island. One was second Lieutenant ROY Bothwell twenty eight of Brooklyn heights first cousin twice removed. The Tampa was an nineteenth mission as a convoy escort on runs between the Baltar and southern England when it was hit by the torpedo sank in three minutes of the Wellstone of Milford. Haven. Of the hundred thirty one aboard a hundred eleven from the coast guard in four from the navy the rest were British sailors, or civilians, purple hearts, were, not awarded by the US during World War One but resumed in World War, Two the award was extended to coast guard in nineteen forty two and nineteen fifty two congress made the awarding of the purple heart retroactive to Ibra fifth nineteen seventeen however, the crew that Tampa was not eligible for the purple heart until nineteen ninety nine at the ceremony last week of call some of Delaware received the purple heart on behalf of his great uncle Cox herald, Tonnison thirty seven who was originally from Norway. But it settled in Brooklyn, according to letters sent home Thomasson kept a dog and a cat of Tampa. I'm sure the coast guard didn't know about that. The others from the Tampa who were posted Wesley awarded, the purple heart include first Lieutenant Archibald Scully thirty five. Baltimore master of arms Joseph Saigon, twenty-seven, Massachusetts Behmen Shanahan Twenty-one of New Jersey seaman Edward Dorgan Twenty-one of New York, firemen, William Hastings, Twenty-one, Philadelphia, and semen, Shelby, Lehman twenty five of Kentucky. Also receive in the posting purple heart was boy, first class. Paul Webb, twenty one of Saint Petersburg, Florida. The radium boy was used at the time in the coastguard and more than five other, quote, boys were listed in the Tampa crew, the community do a little bit more research on this whole boy, rating thing in the coast guard anyway, for frontlines of freedom. I'm four enough for rolling Ashby. Thank you rolling. I appreciate you so much, straight ahead on frontlines of freedom. We'll discuss the challenges, our nation faces with Nate Anderson from concerned veterans for America. Then we'll discuss next year's election with combat veterans for Congress's captain. Joe John, all this is coming up. Guillem. You're standing tall frontlines of freedom under back groups. It's time for planks. Let's do three minutes each. Do ten.

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