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Two hundred one pound senior transfer from Cleveland state wake Abby what does Shawn news Thursday night. A good crowd here. Bobby Hurley has reenergized the fan base in the valley of the Sean. They're averaging nine thousand six hundred ninety six fans per game. And drew a record fourteen five nine two upset victory. Over top rank Kansas high on atmosphere we experienced bit perhaps it it's very best for the pep rally in this building on the eve of the ball. And we get underway tonight. David hall to referee costs the basketball in the air. The ball tipped out of bounds. And it'll be Oregon state's basketball was to inbound two seconds into the game. Adjacent to the Arizona state bench down to our right Michael flows. Into backward to Ethan Thompson who will be met by Remmy Martin with Arizona state and man demand Remmy very physical guard. Good ball pressure applied by the sun. Tyler Kelly, right elbow. Tried to get it to trace tinkle. The ball tipped out of bounds by Lou dork guarding trace tinkle, very closely. Trae still lacking the explosiveness off that sprained left ankle needs to kind of pick is still a very intelligent crafty player to have on the floor tracing bounced Ethan Thompson, fourteen in the shot clock. Two brothers Stevie Midcoast extended right to Cuyler Kelly faxed out against mellow white is double team over hands to Stevie was sex on the clock. TV goes to the dribble to the left with three left corner to Ethan a three pointer out of the corner raises the bottom of the rim and a shot clock. Violation is called by Eric curry appeared as though shot raise the bottom of the rim, but Eric curry thought, otherwise Eric curry del Rey, car the Pires David hall, the referee the beavers began in there too. Luganville door five-star feet on from Canada stepping into three clangs. Wildly rebound. Tap were mellow white in the hands Cuyler Kelley blue door. Now. Twenty five seventy nine from three back the other way trays Tinkle's kept from the left side. Jenan? Al no, good. Rob edwards? The rebound front court to Remmy mart right in front of our vantage point, low close to a mellow white backs down Tyler Kelly chop collar doesn't go Stephen Thompson. Secures the rebound the beavers the other way three on five pitches to trace tackle attacks in the basket and lays it in and the beavers with the early to to not be lead getting out in transit can trace receiving from Stevie. Court comes Remmy. Martin put the Sean double snaps to doored against the two three. High post design cheat them to rob Edwards. Deep left corner to door low postal Ramallah white comes around Tyler Kelly and lays it in. So Bobby Hurley has decided to go right at Cuyler Kelly with his big Mello white factor. Backcountry for white and attacks the hoop that gets the game even at two less than two minutes in Tempe. Ethan Thompson fake slapped dribble pulls up at the right, elbow and travels with the Basketball Hall. Bobby Hurley jumping to grab the attention of David hall about the travel and David smiled as he turned to Bobby who was want to get after the official said I gotta I gotta David smiling on his way up the floor vantage point, two two tie rally Martin against the beavers tooth. Resolve is island cheat them in front of the Bieber batch out on top to Rummy fakes the reversal goes to the dribble. Good cutoff. By thompson. Thirteen on the clock. High post to cheat. Him by tracing the paper bound struggle with a right elbow. Jumper doesn't draw iron Tyler Kelly secures. The rebuy Tyler gets it out. The Thompson tied at two seventeen thirty five to go on the first half. Ethan Thompson, two brothers Stevie right-wing in front of Bobby Hurley most outstanding player in the final. Four ninety two national champion Duke left hundred Izak Michael's bumped and fouled and aunt foul. Rob Edwards called for the first name early won two national titles. As one of the great point guards in the history of the game. In fact, still the all time assist leader in college basketball fan start here. The beaver store your nonprofit beaver gear headquarters. Shop OSU Bieber store dot com. Reichel inbounds left to Thompson top of the key to trace tinkle trace bumped into without a whistles, gene. I'm very physical hands off to Stephen Thompson junior and of the left one hundred rays eight on the shot clock. Trouble in a blocking foul called on Remmy. Martin. It is clear that Bob. Hurley to they're going to attack the low block, look mellow wide on Tyler Kelly. So and they are going to be ultra aggressive in their man demand. Very physical defense to fouls in this trip down the floor called against the sun. Devils in this to to tie trace tangled up the left wing looks for Stevie popping high jab step by all those took dribble at the left. Elbow picks up the dribble needs help. Find Steven Thompson junior with nine of the shot. Clock will go right now. Cuyler Kelly comes to set a screen Stevie goes the other way finds trace left point three way. Short long rebound to rob Edwards Edwards cheaters islander layup. No good. But he was fouled. Ethan cops from the personal and two shots coming presiding sheet them Eric curry. Is coming over. And I'm not sure what Bobby Hurley's upset about. It was a foul called Holly Thompson. Xilin cheat them to the free throw line. Sixty one percent free throw shooter. Arizona state ninth in the league at sixty six percent as a team and coming off of dreadfully game at Maples pavilion in the eighty five seventy one loss wear in the sun. Devils were six seventeen from the line and Xilin feed them on Hugh misses the first free throw here. Silom six eight two hundred one senior tied to give the sun devils, the lead and goes making wanted to three two to close rugged affair early here. It Ned wal boy he's been Thompson against the full four God rubbing Martin methodically. Brings it across the mid flight gets it on the we'd Zach Weichel Jack back and forth with the other south on the floor for the beans grows. It into Tyler Kelly left, the lane turnaround thirteen quarter and airball taken out of the air by Stevie saves. It could trace over to Ethan top to bottom the clock. For abors scramble their way back to the lead at five to three into the front court calms, Luke and store door to tax around a lot of the basket hangs in the air. Get it. Rebound rabbi, cheat them. And then the ball poked out by Cuyler Kelly or Zach Weichel it'll be Michael. Was sixty-nine to go in the house, and it'll be a two-shot opportunity coming for Xilin cheat them with the beavers leading five to three..

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