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S. is not headed for a recession that was the point pounded home by the president and his advisers Sunday after a week in which the possibility of a recession entered into the national conversation the money is pouring into the U. S. like never before and like no other country has ever experienced president made his comments before returning to Washington after ten days of his New Jersey golf club CBS is Paula read for even feel that any questions from reporters the purity wanted to reassure Americans about the state of the US economy he pointed to use low unemployment retail figures that are coming in even export prices going down he said as many of his advisers said on the Sunday show circuit that he sees no indication of a recession even though earlier in the week there were signals that were flashing economists believe that you only see those signals when a recession is on the rise and report due out Monday from the national association for business economics says thirty eight percent of economists surveyed expect a recession in twenty twenty thirty four percent expected in twenty twenty one a shipment of jalapeno peppers arrived at a San Diego cargo facility Thursday with a little something extra KCBS TV reporter Chris Holmstrom officers at the tied mesa crossing say a Mexican citizen drove a tractor trailer into the port of entry claiming it was full of jalapenos drug sniffing dogs discovered otherwise they found more than three hundred wrapped packages of pot we're told the drugs are worth more than two million dollars thirty season others large shipment of marijuana there last Tuesday former CBS sports caster Jack Whittaker known for his eloquent essays died at home Sunday in Pennsylvania CBS's Alison Keyes Whitaker was a CBS sports announcer for twenty two years beginning in the late nineteen fifties covering golf football and horse racing he called the first Superbowl for CBS and the legendary nineteen seventy three Triple Crown race won by Secretaria Jack.

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