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Bishops good balance going for UB as a the second ranked team and all the land defeats number twenty three buffalo tonight in Fort Wayne that will finish the quote unquote preseason for about the they'll get into the toughest conference in America play coming up on Tuesday when the beyond the road up on Indiana to take on Taylor Trojans. Will we are ready for that? We're excited about college basketball. But I thanks I last night around the state and earlier today around our state high school football semi-state action. There were some tremendous games some dramatic finishes. And as you always expect some outstanding play all around the state last night, Paul. Yeah. I think what we can talk about last night was theater drama. This is what this really has become. Warren, a jumping out to a twenty to nothing lead and their game against Senator Warren back in the first makes it great defensive goal line. Stand to win that ballgame to advance to the state championship game. Carmo Valparaiso game up north I game that I did was a tremendous defensive game caramel made one more play than Valparaiso. It really that simple Decatur central. What an emotional win for that group of kids who just kinda just mathematically plugged away all season long and Bob data stuff team will not repeat us a state champion Bishop. Boyer was probably the most convincing win outside of the Evans for the memorial win last night in the pioneer win. Just really really a big win against Mitch walk. I talk with keep kinder- the coach Michelle Walker earlier today, and he just we just got beat by a better team playing four or five times. I don't know if we could beat them. So that kind of put that in perspective, we talked about the more. I heard your report with memorial. Dan. Gerski last night. You know, who's ever thinking that the quarterback got hurt you picks in the first couple possessions. But their defense played really great there and is at a fourteen and nothing late. I guess west Lafayette before roaring back to pick up a big win there. And as expected coach. Railway feet Adam central and east brook with a field goal. That's a horn point at all. What can you say about that for grandma not much other than we kind of? I expect all of these games to be this way Paul to be perfectly blunt. I think that you know, none nothing really surprises me in terms of of what happens, but you what's you look at is in almost every game. You had caramel valpo Senator warned central one possession win Decatur central twenty seven twenty four one possession win. You have east Brooks final. You have nor familiar beating Lutheran by one possession. Kind of the types of games you expect. I think the blowouts out. The exceptions rather than the rule at semi-state Friday night. It seems to be that way. And let's face it. This memorial game. Certainly, I guess retard something he didn't start out the way that Evansville memorial did. But you and I talked about it. I I went back and looked at all of our notes and coach pretty close to on on spot will be talked about on the pairing. So west Lafayette memorial. That's all we talked. I our against there. Right. Or we all would be there or in central would be there. The new the new space on the block. I think really coming out of the north, obviously is east Burke. I knew they were good, but they were just able to methodically. Get the job done in Dwayne her. Of course, played a very very difficult. The summit athletic conference. I think that was the difference for them last night. They were physical and they punch Michelle Walker in the face kept Chris Ernest to under one hundred yards rushing. And if you can keep that get is the leading rusher in the schools history. So let's Harvard yard you've done a heck of a job against a really really good opposite Dame which Mitchell Walker was all season. Look at next week six a is again, a battle of metropolitan Interscholastic teams in Carmel and Warren central since they've gone to six classes the mic has won each of the championships. So here you are again. But I think you and I have both said Warren central's the best team in six. I gotta stay with it. But they they have a dangerous opponent in Carmel next week. Well, I got a lot of respect for what John Hebron is done. Second semi state championship. They are a great defensive football team. I was so impressed with the way they way they balk to the ball last night against Valparaiso. And just really a creative from difficult situations. I do understand heard your report lookout need wrap last night that David bell is injured that could be a huge backer. Yeah. If he's ready to go. He's the guy who can beat anybody's man on man coverage. If that's what Karl decide to do in that big six day magic. But once again, we've got the best conference in the country. You got the second place team because the first place team. There's nothing more than we could ask for only had that big six eight titled on Friday night. Let's go to three west Lafayette memorial. Evansville, memorial talked about one and two how about that matchup for heaven's sakes. Yeah. That's a great one. There. You've got one of the best defensive players in all of Indiana and George Carlin. This can't go to Purdue playing there. They've got to say troops had a great year for them as well. But once again, I gotta go back to you got one of the best quarterbacks. The Hoosier state has seen it Evansville memorial. And what can you say that? We haven't set about them and their defense. My goodness. Their defense. Maybe the unsung hero and all the tournament. Memorials defense is put them in a position that they did a real good tar team last night. We're going to have a great game. You know, when you get number one number two that is that is so much for that. That mindset of we shouldn't see the team. Anyways. Right. That's a good point. But don't let that get in the way of a good argument. Absolutely. All right. Paul single-a. We had one and two last night that was pioneer over Adam central. But now pioneer Norfolk million. We've talked about it despite Iran's Jack Kaiser era has been one spectacular run for pioneer. Yeah. No question about it. He has done nothing but lived up to all the expectations that we saw when we saw him play as a freshman in high school. His next step is going to you ever. See Notre Dame? Play football. He's had a great resume. I've talked to him throughout the course of the season. He is just nicest kid as he is a football player. Happy for his success and Zoya lost one game as a head football coach he's been able to push all the right buttons. But I'm intrigued by the the north vermilion team. Brian crabtree's kids that are very formidable. They beat a really good Lutheran team last night wants to get Dave Pasch denied an opportunity to play in the state championship game for the former Browns Berg bulldog, but north vermilion certainly after for them to get there. But boy they are going to have their annual with this by an air team because they had beaten us not about of everybody all sees that ten shutouts on the season. I Adam central by scoring seven points Pat themselves on the back because that's a great football team. Paul Kandari on the Saint.

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