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Kale that's kind of fucked up. I'm like, you know what it is. It's just like a fancy white people term. If I can say white people hipster gentrify years. It's just a gentrified term for like, fuck inputting olive oil on something I understand. You know, like like I was picture, you know that that that, that that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he's like massaging Omer floods. Head Barbara Seville. I'm like, that's what you're doing to your fucking Gail. And I'm like, I don't know. I'm like, I don't. Well, you know, I was introduced to kale through olive garden, the super Scana. Do you know what I'm talking about? I love this because it's like a little spicing. It's a little spicy. It has a sausage in it. It's like a cream base soup, and my mom was like, I can make this way better. So my mom would make it at home and that's the only time we ate olive garden because it was too expensive for us so she would replicate it. I love that your mother does that because it's so important. Like I tried to replicate. And I don't know why just on a recipe for it to police barbeque gods. And I heard you guys talking about the other day, let's do lunch. Tell me the time of the rest. I don't remember it. I'll send it to you, but the addition of cinnamon with not the look it just like if you put cinnamon sometimes makes it taste dry. So everything was good, but the cinnamon not so good, but I put some cheerless in in and made a sauce, and it was a big like. Like a sirloin rose that I slow cooked and then just shredded. And that was really cute, but I will send you the recipe. I promise I cannot wait. Yeah, people try to give fancy and shit to it girl. You don't need all that big cinnamon on my meat took a person. In many, many areas follows coming maybe a little a little pumpkin spice. Again, another gentrify term pumpkin spy. Well, I'm so excited to be here hanging out at gigli booth. Thank you for letting me hang out with y'all..

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