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We got rid of the indian that the aspects some teddy bear because they said that the that this guy was apparently offensive. If you see the guy he looked like the meanest kick ass in the you ever seen in your life warrior. Like i was like i had a mill crush on the damn look at his guy turned into a gift. I they turn them into. Diplomat married pat and everything. I'm like that's insulting. That's ridiculous looking but let me let me just touch on the positive positive. I don't think this team has quit on on flow. Yeah yeah that's what i see. We wouldn't have taken the lead in the fourth. Quarter teams quitter. I think that's the biggest positive that i see in this team because damn i can't you guys are great. Find stuff that. I can see but i do agree that there is some positive but the biggest thing i see. This team hasn't quit. They haven't equipment. I'd say that they've had their share of injuries. To me. we were on third center right Over the last couple of games. I mean we don't have or top receivers. I mean we don't know of is going to do up to this point because about nothing we have right. We haven't seen haven't seen him. I mean parker. You know he supposedly playing this week. But i mean you know frustration you know the two corners were out at some point so you know with that all being said you know. We're kind of like. I don't know what we're gonna do this week. You know bakers probably going to be out We just don't have a lot of depth. We don't have a lot of guys that you feel positive about stepping in anywhere on this football team and You know it's frustration. Albert wilson still on this roster. Who the hell knows why i mean he's just non existent. You would think that somebody like him would step up preston williams and were just not getting it. You know so again. You know going back to the positive that was a little bit of negative you know when with everything considered in that situation going back to two. I think he's done an exceptional job. Would all that being said There's not a lot around them and you know he's he's got all these trade rumors on top of all this other shit that he's awake logical stuff to worry exactly and to his credit. You know the guy's a winner you know my issue with two is his physical attributes. You know. I think that he has to be surrounded by the type of players we talked about earlier and if we get some type of a few individuals in here that know what the hell they're doing you know they may recognize that and say no. We're fine with to it you know. Let's just get guys around him. That are going to make him the best. He could possibly be an until they do that. You know this this is what's going to happen with this football team so alright. Alright where we're at an hour so let's let's have some parting shot. Well that's our one. Scott oh we don't have a okay. We could do this again. It's been fun it's been. It's been a blast kind of party. Shots of what. What prediction for the next. The second half of the of the season of this is what happens with the dolphins second half the season and what happens when the seasons over. I mean we. We've said what we want. Do we think it will happen. So who wants to go first mike..

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