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If they go to the championship put up, but you know, Paul, you know, if you watch that shield between Alabama and auburn, Alabama has a real time going out on the planes. They do. Let me say this to you. I just thought that was too complex for Stephen a to explain. So I just went ahead and rushed right ahead to the Georgia game, but you're right. Alabama has lost three of the last four games at Jordan hare stadium. Yeah, so you always got to keep eye on that. But Paul, you know, something else. You know, I'm a big Tennessee fan and I love the sports. But sometimes, our own 65 years old and don't forget to tell us even though they've had you around. I still want to debate it. But well, you know, you know, all the time, I know we like I said, but Tennessee cran, we all have our favorite team. But when you talk about the ASC three, in the history of the SVC, okay, who you root for who you're, of course, and we all want our teams to remember. Just a history, you know, what I said 65 years of all the great memories I have received of basketball football with the players has come through the SEC, not only SEC, but the coach is there. You go back to the Alabama firm with standard medieval basketball and all that. And of course, lately, as with Tennessee, 8 hour, you know, just to be able to build out to appreciate the history of sports. I don't care who your favorite team is, but kind of Robinson's and all that. There's some great moments in sports. And I just have appreciation for that. Well, I'm glad to hear you say that. So I think we feel similarly on that. Listen, you take care of yourself, come back soon. We'll take a break. More to come. More on the CFP, a little bit later on with a number of key guests and more of your phone calls. And Mike Bianchi on Dan Mullen's future right after this. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Hello, everybody,.

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