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Here's Josh Michael Wades into the House. A young man walks towards house in the middle of the evening. He's wearing a gopro camera to do that. Now if it sounds strange for someone to start. Recording video of their own actions will stay tuned. This is actually one of the less weird things you'll hear about what happened. Next was nothing short of terrifying. What he found that night would spark an investigation and a mystery. That would only deepen over time. It's all linked to the drama. That began just hours earlier when daughter couldn't find her father. Scott Horne wasn't the kind of dad to disappear. You See Scott. It spent twenty three years as an FBI special agent even in retirement. He's still schedule. His life like clockwork if he did something he normally did that. Same thing every single day at the same time he never slept in either. He was up every morning. At seven. Thirty Scott's daughter. Kelly was living on her own by age eighteen even so she remembers her dad's starting each morning with the same phone. Call Your Dad. Call to wake you up every day. Yeah he would call and say are you up and then five minutes later he would call and say are you up. He's not just the alarm clock. He's also the snooze alarm except on that morning March sixteenth. Two thousand seventeen. Kelly's phone was silent sitex stem and respond and I called him and The phone went straight to voicemail. I text him. I said I hope you're okay. This is like him totally. He would respond you yeah. Kelly reached out to her. Dad's next door neighbors. Marty and Cindy Kelly called and asked me if I'd seen Scott all day said no I hadn't and she said Call wellness check. So I called the police. They came out. Route officers from the Laurel Maryland. Police Department met Kelly at the House to do. What's called a welfare check when police go to an address essentially to make sure something bad hasn't happened. We walked through the House. Have you moved some room to so my dad normally would take dogs out to make sure they went potty outside and there is there is pee all over the floor which the dogs when left inside for a long time right because now it isn't just the morning he's been missing. Obviously it's nobody has seen him install the day before they went into the basement. Another officers searched upstairs. Officer Matt Zimmerman. Was there nothing appeared to be in disarray? Nothing appeared to be have a struggle. She grabs some belongings and stated that she was going to continue to try and locate her father. Leader eventually arrived and Kelly still hadn't heard from her dad by this time. You have to be really scare. I was I was Kelly have been talking with her older brother Riley. He hadn't seen their dad since the night before and was worried to Riley went over to the house with a friend that's when Riley hit record on his GOPRO and headed up the lawn of his family's large suburban as they walked Riley and his friend her banging and clattering on the left side of the house and when they went to the area where the sounds had come from they could make out a tarp in the darkness. They lifted up what they saw sent. Riley running to a neighbor's house where his sister Kelly was waning officer. Kelly ran to that house. I I didn't understand what was happening. They saw a body. They didn't know who it. I honestly don't remember I was so like my adrenaline kicked in and I grant up to the House and I stopped at right before the door and I just fell to my knees and I was crying and screaming so when to the porch and saw her prostrate in the snow you know screaming it was ten minutes or so before. I can understand what she was saying that her dad was dead for the second time officers. Zimmerman was first on the scene. Father One says it's a pro on our show. We start moving down the driveway. Tom Show me where he found the body here. I can't look Scott Horne was dead now. The mechanics of a murder investigation began body. Agile crabs eat when we return a body in the side yard police in the front and someone in the House apparently unaware of it all conducting right now man and whoever murdered Scott Horne didn't just kill him. This was overkill so someone shoots him from behind. And then after he's on the ground begins beating.

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