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When you add a base ends Monday to learn more go sleep number dot com 9 48 traffic and weather on the eighth Jack Taylor in the Traffic Centre Beltway in Maryland. We've been talking about it all morning early this morning at about four o'clock we've had, unfortunately, a tanker truck hauling Liquid asphalt overturned and then begin leaking, which blocked all lanes of the Beltway. Outer live traffic still diverts on the 2 70 going northbound slowdowns back to Cole's Ville Road, but with caution. There are a number of vehicles for no apparent reason that are riding up the shoulders to try to get past this delay, not smart and it is illegal and you're being watched. Just be careful. 15 and Frederick North between Hansen Bill wrote an old Frederick road crash along the left side of the roadway North BW Parkway inside the Beltway before 4 10. That's a work zone got left lane getting by causing some slowdowns. Watch for delays on the Beltway, both loops inner loop trying to get down toward kennel Worth Avenue outer loop, leaving 50 headed toward the John Hanson highway and clear if we've got stationary work, possibly some mobile crews rolling through the area pretty decent shape south of town, No worries Branch Avenue down toward the Wilson Bridge. We are still slow on the freeway, though downtown as you exit past the third Street Tunnel in Maine Avenue heading toward the outbound case, So far, nothing reported Eastern Avenue eastbound after D C to 95. That's a work soon. Back in the right lane. We had a wreck in Northwest was on Georgia Avenue North Beach near Eastern Avenue. The right lane There had been getting by alright in Virginia Still slow but seemingly getting a bit better 95 going south as you leave Stafford. We'd had worked before 17 in the left lane. They were scheduled, declared 10 so unclear if they're out of the roadway already, But we've had a little getaway. We're slowing and Lord and down toward Woodbridge. Then again, and she passed through Damn freeze. 66 inside the Beltway east on the Roosevelt Bridge, the work along the right side of the roadway and in Fairfax, 50. Westbound near 66 that works on blocks the right lane Considering a BMW. Check out the brand new BMW of Rockville Sales and service complex at 14 50 Rockville Pike. You won't be disappointed or visit them. BMW rockville dot com. Jack Taylor. W T o P. Traffic Matt Ritter After a pretty decent morning weather wise looks like things are about to change. Things are deteriorating more and more clouds moving over the area, but Those clouds will keep us out of the nineties today, so the heat wave is over. We've had.

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