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Make sure to clean their fingernails, their fingernails efforts, because the DNA Lee, Sam not even a federal prosecutor I dumped the body in a separate place. Then the murder scene makes sense to me. Right. That's why we have the Meadowlands New Jersey. Yeah, let's see cut off your victims Heddon hands placed in different than the rest of the body. If you're going, if you're throwing a body or parts of the body into a lake don't use plastic bags, so you got to be environmentally conscious seems in this case, if you use plastic bag use one from a major chain grocery store can't track track back. That's a that's a good. Tip arson is useful for eliminating evidence. Okay, you agree. It takes a lot longer to burn a car than you think. At does you can't just torch that thing that's gone. Right. If you're trying to stage a botched burglary member to a actually take the valuables and be don't leave all the drawers pulled out the same length looking at the bottom George the top jars. Yes. Someone put a lot of this. It's a real big thing to make it make it look like a drug deal gone bad cop Seabright through the do right area quickly. Don't keep your victims jewelry, undergarments hair as souvenirs. Yeah. Right one, no one. If you must absolutely do this. However, so their understanding of the particular emotions, don't display your souvenirs, and photographs and don't leave all the souvenirs from all of your murder victims in the same shoebox in your closet. Good. This is pretty torn is executed there. It is. That's exactly right. If you fail a lie detector test realize that it is being guilty. Now they're saying the opposite can't be used in court. Never read anything having to do with poison if you're using poison the making bombs if you're making a bomb, or how to on dead, bodies disposal. A list of tips that'll help you get away with murder. If you get caught with things like these are almost as good as a fingerprint check because if found your Google search when they searcher right course could point and absolutely. In this, the final point do not ever ever. Write a list of tips on how to get away with murder again. Same thing who's the author on that. Is it find that author and arrested author that is that is absolute probable, cause I arrest, right there. I thought catalog dot com sixteen ways to kill someone and not get caught by lease wheel. That about alias. I promised our callers that we take one here on the thing. And then we will get back to murder. She wrote by lease. Okay. So let's go to Joe on Long Island. Joey. Listen as far as that stuff. It's ridiculous. Those the SAT thing, but somebody wanted me to, to wanted to pay me to rough somebody up and the wind up was, I told him. No told them. No. I told him. No. This is all on the golf course. And then by the eighteen wouldn't stop Bobbie wanted to punch this guy in the station and Russell up. I ended up punching him in the face. Good. Cops on me. He called him. Really for you charged. No. Okay. I just punched him in the face to get your blood a little bit. But, you know, and all these things you're saying about the about the murders thing of the list. How about put something on the list saying, why do this to damn your soul to turn dare you go, you could just walk away? And, and if you wanna be like these clergy, Democrats, you can resist them in the divorce, you know, resistant make things like some of the some of the printers, that, that live around me do they deprive, their children and to spite their wives home. He's a role, terrific people. Anybody that would kill somebody that they were that they had children with date? If you tell me who they are. And I knew exactly who they were, and I knew I wasn't making a mistake I would kill them all and not feeling guilt allow Zenit legal which Joe Jason there now. Right. That's just an emotion sharing show. Let let's say the guy who wanted you to go. Hit the guy in the face on, on the golf course. Right. Who wanted to hire you? What would you charge for that? If you work convinced like what was it? Good rate. This was like to save a basically, you know, because the guy next door to him and he didn't want to eat it. He hated the guy with a passion. Too much of a he was as. Let's say it was too much of a pencil Keith to do it himself. Gotcha. All right. How big are you? Do he even even told me what to do he park in front of his house come out and confront you while you're talking to some of my house? Wow. Are you still kind of for hire Joe because there is somebody kind of, in my neighborhood, forget it? No, it wasn't for higher. That's just point. He wasn't not for higher joke. It'd be convinced now because I punch you in the face a good point Joe. How big are you? I'm five foot seven and two hundred forty pounds and I may and not an ounce of fat Stallone's, like five seventy that makes sense. Drago. Joe, thanks so much for the call. We appreciate other caller staying. They are going to get to your thoughts on murder, or SAT stores because they're totally related. And we come back lease. Well, that's our tease more more for higher about a New York City female police officer WR tonight. Joe contra leesville seven ten w arm..

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