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Happy ending to that amber alert from Wednesday in the Bronx in autistic two year old girl and her troubled father, both found safe after police say the man really took the girl and took off she's fine. The fathers in police custody. Governor Cuomo reportedly plans to hold over seven billion dollars in MTA funding hostage in an effort to get the legislature Democrats to agree to his Manhattan toll scheme, the governor wants congestion pricing to fund the MTA and in an effort to get what he wants governor Cuomo is going to hold back over seven billion in funding for the transit agency in order to ensure that tolls below sixtieth street become reality. The daily news reports the governor expects the new democrat majority in Albany to pass his reorganization plan for the MTA and put hundreds of speed cameras and city school zones. No comment from the mayor's office. But a spokesman for Senate Democrats calls withholding funding, a bad idea, the kind of horse trading for which Albany was notorious Al Jones, Tim, Tim wins news. Wins. News time four oh. Seven in American born hosts for Iranian state, TV has been taken into custody by the FBI Marzia. Ho shawny was filming a black lives matter documentary in Saint Louis is apprehended and the airport there. There weren't any charges. That were mentioned her son Hussein shawny says it appears she is wanted as a material witness what kind of material witness what the issues are whether the persons are we have no idea shawny points out. His mother is an American citizen. He's a Muslim American citizenship. An African American, and she has certain particular kind of views Iran is facing increased criticism of its own arrest of dual nationals and others with ties to the west, Ed Donahue, Washington. Wins. News time four oh, eight alligators don't make great bats. But that doesn't stop some people from trying Suffolk County police bonded. A one year old gator in a home at hop on while visiting on a non reptile related matter. Cheap ROY gross of the SPCA says the animals are not legal to possess without a permit in New York. I alligators this year. And I believe all two thousand eighteen I don't believe we've had any alligators. We cover it. Either. But in this case, he didn't have it in the home. My understanding he was charged by the EC with illegal possession of alligator, which is a by-election. Can the animal was taken from the home to live out the rest of it stays with other reptile rescues. No, not in Florida up in Massachusetts. That's where the animal sanctuary is where they took. This gator wins. News time four zero nine traffic and AccuWeather next on ten ten.

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