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Because that's where that stock is going to the moon. It's I mean, it's getting weird. I've seen it on a couple different places. So if you get the chance, take a moment, take a breath. Tony Katz 93. W I. B C Good to be with you and go check out the moon and then poster photos. You could do that on social media. You can that you can email me, Tony. Tony Cats come. Just take a moment. Check it out. Take a breath. That's ah. That's that's the thing to do. Also there. I'm very much appreciate Hammer, Nigel. I want you to remember that in March of 2000 and 20. It was two weeks to flatten the curve. And in January of 2021, where three masts and getting anal swab That's where we are. Oh, did you miss about the anal swab to that? Too bad some stories. We simply don't repeat. Please get to class on time. Would you the popcorn moment? Let us do the thing. Let us start quick. It's a story you need to hear to believe. Then grab your popcorn. Because there is more and it's you know, I always appreciate when people do the hard work and the hard work involves, you know, going out there listening? What is it that people are saying? And can you notice Cem Cem Trendlines? And one of the trend lines that has been noticed. Is that the White House press secretary has a real stock answer. When she doesn't have the answer to a question. Gotta love Jen Psaki a week on the job, and already already she's meaning out. But in order to really explain it gonna amount You need a month. So Jen Psaki The gift that keeps on giving. She.

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