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He's made promise after promise after promise to spend more and more money to fix the problem the more money that is spent the more homelessness happens how does the illegal alien migration from mexico in the los angeles is that hurt the problem even worse after a huge problem i remember uh back in two thousand four without will go out to south central to speak or to meeting a young black men marine uh james spencer approached me was this tab we appreciate all you work you do for the veterans for the homeless base as long as our government is focused on the on the illegals um um we're not gonna be able to help our people and of course i know he was talking about now have a i had those as a lot is by it but they don't france ahead of cricket the national cricket team metal of a mexican boys from compton uh shed the i've said the hispanic i pino's consi looked out for them and i think the marched with them for their rights uh sank teeth safeway day and then the phrase blood because every time you will confront me i i don't wanna hear it till five the other side of better pay attention i witnessed studied i've prayed twenty four months and then i've i i realize that illegal immigration socalled i've called him bays occupation because the greatest threat to black folks one of the greatest dressed in black close since of chateau slavery itself and i've got a lot of hate to say that and now they hate me and then people want to kill me because my position better they think i'm a racist against them because i simply once it care american citizens and veterans that are homeless people most important that they they had their own country they should forced the government to take care of him the cbc the congressional black caucus stands with the millions and millions of illegals utter poor coming into america especially california where you are how how's it in the interests of black folks they have the cbc encouraging millions of more and legalizing the millions that are here how's that in the interests of black folk it is and you know i'm trying to be nice to maxine waters in the.

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