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So everybody was kind of into with what we were doing and what the important. Sense of giving the actors not just lady Gaga, and Bradley, but everyone, you know, Sam Andrew all of them had had to have a safe space. You know? So they could be the characters they're meant to be. And then they could explore you know, we had to do two takes or Fred to do ten takes. There was no negativity. And I think that comes from the top it comes from Bradley sort of attitude towards, you know, how you approach is trying to shoot a scene is the same way he approaches China craft the performance, it's like, that's awesome. But about this way, or you know, something's wrong. What is it? What is it? What is and not being rushed by time. Even though we were rushed by time. He never succumb to it. It's nice to have that leadership even as cinema Taga for Yosso used to maintaining pace as much as I was technically trying to make it a safe space for the actors. He was actually making a safe space for me. Now there there's one scene during which lady Gaga character. Allie goes to photo shoot. And there you are as photographer. Yeah. How stretch how did you get that role? I asked one day. I said we're talking about the scene. I said who's playing the photographer because I thought it would bring a ringer somebody. You know, we'd seen Peter Lindbergh onset shooting who's a legend absolute legend, influenced me, and I I figured we'd get some, you know, heavyweight photographer curious who might be the in Bradley said you. Are you serious? And then I thought about it. You know, I I had hosted the AFC awards three years in a row and the first year in the first year, I did it. It was kind of a rush actually, you know, sort of exercising different muscles and doing something different. But this was altogether different than that. When I do the AFC awards, I host its I I look at the audience, and I know that I know everybody out there. But there's something different to being in front of a camera. And if you over think it, you know, so he just said be yourself. Just be you. You know, you're not playing anybody but yourself so that may be filled easier. I even found the Cameron once you know, 'cause I knew the blocking anyway, so I myself accordingly. Was that the first time he did a cameo? Yeah. It is. Although there was a written line for me. I didn't remember it. So I just sort of just improvised. No Anderson there actually, a number of crew members that had cameos in this movie who some of the others. I think the only one I remember in the film that's still in we shut numerous cameos from our crew, but our property master, Mike Sexton was the doctor who injects Bradley as he had some, you know, a bag of pills or a prescription. Let's say he was in. We had our script. Supervisor Lynn who was also in the film. But I think that part got cut out, and then our first AD Shelly Ziegler was also in the film in an section. She might be in at the tail end around the time that Gaga played in the form. She's a stage manager so everybody had to play a role, but it was within our zone. Favorite scene in the film? You know, I've been asked that I gravitate towards the exterior parking lot at the beginning of the film because the whole secrets from the time he asks her out at the club that she's performing at to going to the cop bar, and sort of having that sort of get to know you chat, and then the supermarket, and then it culminates kind of in the parking lot where she sing shallow for the first time to me. That's exemplifies what it feels like to go on that magical first date. Right in this psalm Lee of the day..

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