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I dunno i lied like you were saying this is not necessarily the end of net neutrality this is it's title to status yeah i basically said my piece i really don't know that much i don't wanna look like a fool um yet i have heard that the f t see the federal trade commission is the entity that ought to be regulating this type of thing not the fcc over there i think it just the big question mark the just like will they do it right yeah i don't i don't know the america has so many different government agency things they had on it and we're just canadian idiots vi john on here to exist american and schooled in law yeah i don't know it's it's an extremely complicated situation were probably not the best ones target my thing is i i have an automotive information about like the things around it like that weird fee thing and also the concept but i don't know the word of the law i don't know what bachelor like happens now that it's not titled too because had barely even understand what title to his ananta exertion add everything's in the okay we hope the yeah we hope skin the eye it could be really bad for us up here um so were driest reduce hoping that everything sorta you know survives down there it's always interesting pink canadian because so much of what happens in america is extremely important to us in so like i know of quite a few canadians that pay attention to american politics more than a canadian politics not only because it's far more crazy.

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