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Thing once most presidents do a bit of redecorating when they move into the White House, but most presidents don't have the design sensibility of its current. Occupant, Donald Trump reportedly referred to the people's house as a real dump. And yeah, compared to this, anything not just covered. Gold is going to be a huge letdown. And so since he's moved in Trump has done some interior decoration, choosing gold, drapes and gold toned upholstery for the office. Of course, adding a portrait of Andrew Jackson, a man infamous among other things ordering the force for movable of native Americans leading to thousands of deaths and apparently hanging blown up framed county by county map of the twenty sixteen election results in the west wing over. There's more eagle-eyed followers of the sixty minutes. Twitter account noticed a new work of art gracing the walls of the White House in this image from lese stalls. Interview with the president last night is that dogs playing poker thing to sixty seconds. It's the world got a glimpse of Donald Trump's, newest art aquisition last night, courtesy of sixty minutes a painting titled the Republican club featuring Trump having drinks with the group before presidents some dead, some alive, all Republican. There's a little confusion. I, the artists, some people assumed it was the Sean Hannity favourite and painter of conservative dreams. John mcnaughton he, of course, the creator of this work titled the forgotten man showing President Obama stepping on the constitution. Look at Jefferson can't take it. What are you doing? But no, Trump's paintings, actually the work of this guy, Andy Thomas, and it's a bipartisan series, but also includes this one titled the democratic club featuring Barack Obama having a beer and hanging out with a bunch of his predecessors Trump, of course, has the Republican version. Of course, notice Abe Lincoln in front there. Apparently captivating everyone with tales of what he's been up to for the last one hundred fifty years. It's a flattering depiction of everybody, but I've gotta say, Trump in particular, looks healthy yard said he. Wanted to make everybody look as good looking as they can and try to shed the pounds. I need to Thomas told the Washington Post that congressmen Darrell, gifted, his work, the president, but revealed. It's not actually the.

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