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Representing Assange, Edward Fitzgerald, QC pointed to several revelatory investigations by the press concerning Assange's time in the Ecuadorian embassy. In 2019, Spanish newspaper el pais published evidence that a Spanish security firm tasked with protecting the embassy building had been secretly surveilling Assange, his lawyers and visitors and reporting information to the CIA. Security staff allegedly took samples from a baby's diaper to check whether Assange and Morris were the child's parents. Given the threat of constant surveillance, Assange's psychiatrist, withheld Stella Morris's relationship with Assange for safety reasons, Fitzgerald argued in court. Morris went public as Assange's partner in April 2020. Last month, Yahoo. News published a report that the CIA had plotted to poison abduct or assassinate Assange in 2017. Given the revelations of surveillance in the embassy and plots to kill him Fitzgerald told the court, there are great grounds for fearing what will be done to him if extradited to the U.S.. He urged the court not to trust the assurances of the same government alleged to have plotted Assange's killing. The defense went even further to discredit the assurances made by the U.S. government, calling them conditional and aspirational. Fitzgerald said Australia had not yet agreed to take Assange in if he was convicted, and he predicted Assange would be put in solitary confinement as soon as he arrives in America. What do Assange's supporters say. In a press briefing earlier this week, Morris told reporters that Assange was suffering physically and mentally as a result of the proceedings. I saw Julian in belmarsh prison. He was looking very unwell. I was quite taken aback by how thin he was. Assange's supporters are keen to emphasize the significance of the case on global press freedoms. Addressing the Yahoo news investigation, Kristen hirosan, current editor in chief of WikiLeaks compared the alleged CIA plot to the Saudi assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The intentions are the same, and the victims are the same. Journalists..

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