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He talks about the in the show or unreal want he's a car enthusiast and the there was there was a moment when they had done a couple of things that happened the santa claus the movie did really well on opening weekend and he was still doing this show home improvement so shows up at the lot after opening weekend of the santa clause for i don't know for work on on home improvement and somebody's in his parking space he goes inside he's about to throw a fit and it was it was the ceo disney that left him a gift a selene mustang and put it in his parking space eisner did that apparently i don't know that anyone should ever put me inside of a seven hundred horsepower car by the way behind the wheel i don't i have i'm driving macaroni and think of what our ford fairlane gte that was three ninety cubic engines but kind of horsepower was at putting don't don't know but yeah seven hundred horsepower you know well a couple of cars passed me on the on the highway tonight on the tollway tonight well some of the larger about six hundred horsepower because they must have come flying by meet one hundred ten votes some of the class eight trucks out there have what six six twenty five i think you know by the way you know how long are we say that we live in a nation that my dad always said we want to be be essen i evidence of that i i looked in my in my my new truck the other day the speedometer goes up to one hundred sixty miles an hour right it can't go one hundred and sixty miles an hour there's no way that vehicle goes one hundred sixty miles an hour one way to find out with one hundred and eighty seven horsepower only one way to find out i saw that i burst out when i call eddie gossage outed tmz speedway hey you got you got about ten minutes eddie for about ten minutes.

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