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So major results as we go on the chase utley gauntlet of love as we put in through a major test against the top athletes in Philadelphia because we know the love for. Chase utley is real he had the press conference announcing his retirement in part because he wanted Phillies, fans, to know that hey when I come to Philly and a couple of, weeks with the dodgers this is the last time and I. Need you out there so people came out because, they love, chase utley Jason Lee one of the most popular figures in, this city hands down and I've been trying to find out just how popular and so I've been asking people who. Do, you love more I I asked Bernie parent who is a very much a day facto mayor of, this city walks, around everybody recognizes Bernie they. Wanna shake his hand they want. To talk to him he treats people great whenever I've seen him out and about furred. Nothing but, great stories, people love, Bernie ladies love. Burn And and and Bernie's very popular guy crush Bernie parent, so, okay let's talk about Cole hamels Cole hamels being maybe the second most, popular Philly from that away team because Jimmy Rollins people get. So bent out of shape about not hustling on, every single, play and for Ryan Howard things just ended so poorly that, there is no way that he was going to be able to come back from that at least not now so. When, you're looking at the legacy the Phillies team all right it's Cole hamels most popular guy that isn't, chase utley and, he crushed Cole hamels so. I asked all right let's take. It up a notch let's have let's have a real conversation here who do you love. More chase, utley or, Alan, Iverson And the people spoke at chase utley with a. Sizeable lead, and win over Alan. Iverson sixty one percent to thirty nine so now we're at the final stage of this thing and who would you vote for if you had to pick one guy that you love more and I I really I feel like I might have to handicap this because I don't think it's close who do you love more chase outlier Brian. Dawkins and I I'm definitely a guy, over chase as. Much as. I love chase but I don't think this is close right like Mike Angelina is. Producing at this, point surpass, midnight Mike honestly what do you. Think the. The final results will be of. This poll what what do you think chase utley? Daugh- Sixty forty? Ellie? Sit you think at? Least gonna win I think if, you asked this question a month later it'd be different but I think. Everyone just has their utley hysteria Ooh okay see and that's part of why I wanted to do this now is because. I know that the loves is a little bit. Strong and see that went past Iverson I think is pretty noteworthy went he won by. Twenty two points over. Iverson here so let's see who the people got and you can certainly vote at its Vince Quin. That's all one word, it's Vince Quin chase utley verse Brian, Dawkins will do that for, the next? Hour before big daddy Graham gets in here but some, of the like, to do let's go back in time shall we I want to travel back to this day September September. Skipping up ahead a, little bit July twenty fourth two thousand, and five do you remember, what happened On July, twenty fourth two thousand and five thirteen years ago, today it was a. Monumental event not just in It was beyond local sports this was a national massive news consuming story.

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