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Less than a Honda 6 45 Dave Johnson pretty big baseball game last night and you know right from the start, the Blue Jays Vladimir Guerrero Jr caught our attention and certainly got Max Scherzer's attention. This guy can hit Vladimir Guerrero Jr 21 pitch is hit like a rocket. It knocks shares are down and the out at first Jack Buck on Fox Guerrero with that line driver just whizzed by Max Scherzer's face but fielded by Pirates second basement Adam Frazier for a ground that shares are 123 1st inning by the American League, the five to win over the nationally Guerrero with the four and 68 FT homer. The game's M V P. That's trade turnover to one Soto, two walks American League now eight straight wins over the National League. An Olympic tuna. Bradley Beal, Kevin Durant each had 17 points. Team USA, A 1 to 8 81 of Argentina, still concerned for Team USA in the Wtlv Huddled day president due to the pandemic, the and the late end of last season, the late end of this season Players body clocks are a little bit off kilter as far as being able to rest, recuperate, recover and then play in an Olympics. It's this is it's almost a perfect storm. For things to go awry. They have those losses. Australian and Nigerian Olympic tune ups Complete huddle at w t o p dot com W NBA ALL Star game There should be a good one. Feature the W N B all stars against Team USA mistakes. Ariel Atkins and Tina Charles will play for Team USA and Euro 2020. That final and Sunday collected a record US TV audience of over 9.3 million Dave Johnson ever. U T L P Sports coming up the few ways in to support Britney Spears ahead of a court hearing today about the conservatorship that control Her life. It's 6 47 this week on federal insights sponsored by Verizon here, Cornelius Brown, the director for Department of Defense sales at Verizon, talking about the future of work. In essence, a smart base of the future is the integration of connected technologies that will fundamentally improved the performance, inefficiency of assets and services across the military installation. As we define smart bases, we can essentially view them as many cities in itself where infrastructure building transportation energy management are all factors of a CD in a face, and what drives they smart base is that they're all hyper connected. It's an ecosystem where everything becomes connected. Security. It will be a fabric of how we architects, smart bases. Uh, you also have things like sensors, cameras vehicles. It's all working to become fully integrated, and it really allows the operators to have more control and make more informed decisions, which is really important. To hear the entire interview, visit federal news network dot com and search for Horizon. Creditkarma has always been there to help you make.

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