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Tom good not great we think so here's what let's just set some definitions you know medicine is science and art that's to start with right and so we have to define all the things someone who has covered nineteen and that's positive without symptoms colonized a group of people and you swab on which we do when we bring people into the ICU they may be positive for staff or Clostridium difficile but they're not sick with that but we did know that their colonized okay if you're infected you got symptoms if you got some organ issues such as pulmonary so this this bug goes from the standpoint of having fever to a point of time when you start getting a little shortness of breath that's the concern because this is a particularly different virus this virus is a lipid based not patches to the long and causes significant pulmonary dysfunction it really causes great the oxygenation of the walk the oxygen levels go really well we don't know why yeah okay so basically even while we're treating these people were using science and art some of the printer let me just give you an example that approximately thirty to forty percent of antibiotics that are given in the hospitals today are your name correctly not for they don't know and we actually because yeah the disease from this okay yeah yeah yeah I've heard that from other doctors yeah yeah yeah there's no pure science to this so what we've got is a highly contagious virus that attacks the pulmonary system which makes it very difficult now let's go to the severe viruses that we have we are a thirty to forty thousand death rate per year where's the CDC really strongly enforcing handwashing protection of the elderly in the yearly flu this is going to slowly be an indictment of the CDC and medicine as a whole now we had about is it is it an indictment is an indictment of them or is it R. obstinance that you and I don't we don't want to follow whatever I don't follow them if you're not if you're not in medicine you probably have never looked at anything at the CDC so yeah what do we know when you're a practitioner in Moscow the nursing home let's look at Cuomo what it should be sent positive yes cope with positive patients to a nursing home yeah almost criminal okay I agree not criminal it's totally ignorant and stupid now here's the problem eighty percent of people approximately I'd you know everybody's got their statistics eighty percent of the population of the other people have died have been eighty years old and close to nursing home right right right people are immuno compromised number wonder immuno compromised it's a nutritionally compromised because one they're old most of them have to cease the majority of people are diabetic by definition being diabetic you're immuno compromised so you got a very virulent bug and children don't get this they get covered positive but they don't get sick just like with everything else all I ask you have you ever heard of a twenty eight year old the died of a heart attack yes yes the most current twenty eight year old no okay it occurs in a range of thirty five to fifty five okay so we have some people that are going to die from this that we didn't expect like we do in need of these right problem that's going on is the politics the emotion and the disinformation okay we need to stick to objective facts here when you talk about guidelines in medicine guidelines are.

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