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Top story of big step toward a covert 19 vaccine. After eight hours of discussion and FDA panel voted 17 to 4 in favor of the vaccine developed by Fizer. The FDA will have the final say. Then comes getting the vaccine out. We're learning from executives had fed ex and ups testifying on Capitol Hill that the FAA will know every plane with vaccine on board and those planes will be given priority. Terrence UPS, saying it's big rigs will have escorts on the roads and the rounds have been pre mapped out. Over the past few months, FedEx and UPS will not rely on the U. S. Postal Service to play a role UPS is producing £24,000 of dry ice every day and Louisville to make the transport of the vaccine happened. That's a B C's Alex Stone. Starting next Wednesday, Aurora will put a cap on food delivery fees to help support local restaurants. It means that commission delivery companies can charge can be no more than 15%. If the delivery company adds a fee for the customer. It has to be disclosed on the receipt. The temporary capital expire March 31st. And the adventure Rabbi has pretty big plans for Saturday. You can join Rabbi Jamie Corn Gold for Shabazz on snow. It happens to 12 30 on the slopes that Copper mountain on Saturday. The celebration ends with the menorah lighting Our next updated seven on Cathy Walker on K Away News Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 of them Now a check on traffic puts Aaron Copland But you can't seem to break free is we're looking at traffic from high above in the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center still trying to get that accident the way he's found a boulder turnpike at Broadway. It had been closed, but they got a couple lanes open. So better news. You're still delayed all the way back to at least federal north bound by 25 up. Tell Thorin is backing you up on that eastbound. I 76 you're also seeing slowing on to 70 I seventies. Looking much better on that eastbound side, though you are still delayed across the elevated portion And then again is your approaching 2 to 5 25 north bound into the tech center. Still slow at an accident there, Bellevue. They cleared that one. And then the couple people crash there.

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