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And i know shows have been done on that but just my first round of treatment and working with him personally. I can't even tell you how much better i'm starting to feel. Yeah i think in the same. Yeah i it's i mean. Obviously i started with therapies with him. And we're gonna get into that in the next episode that we do with dr phillips and it may not be the very next episode of casual swinger. It'll probably be in the next couple of episodes though. Yeah now it'll be a great conversation. I'm excited yeah very much so so coming up here. We're gonna talk with the sick dick docs before we get into that though. Gotta talk about the last episode. We did yeah. I wanna think everyone who sent their love and support it was there was a little deep for me to go into my psyche in like put it out there for public knowledge. It was a very different episode for us. I'm actually really excited to hear. I'm not the only one that the has that fantasy of be interested in it. Oh my gosh you got so many messages you guys like oh this is so cool we wanna try it. We're into it. I didn't know how many i dunno. Adventurous couples are out there. That aren't even necessarily hot wife couples or were there just like no. This would be so cool or they wanna make their own porn or just really neat to see everybody reacts. It wasn't and we're we're legitimately trying to make this happen this year. And you know maybe i undervalued it. That's another bit of feedback. I got was. It's going to cost a lot more money than what you think does not say we'll see We got a lot of really good feedback on it. Though when we love that. And i think a lot of you out there may be that head kind of given casual toys a try at some point in the last year or two year in the league. Three or four months. We've been open but somebody had come in and had a look and it was like okay. It's a little toy store and things have changed so a lot of you came back to casual toys and a lot of you ordered from his at casual as holy crap. It was awesome and no it was a really great year. Yeah it was really awesome. Yeah we've we've had a really cool month with people buying our bundles for the condoms. That's right you did alec. I.

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